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Rackspace Managed Security: Taking an Active Approach to Securing Your Cloud

Fighting the Business of Cyber Crime

FBI Special Agent Jim Thompson discusses top cyber security concerns for business. 


Our Active Data Security Approach

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Use Cases

Threat Protection

Cyber attacks are often targeted at a specific entity, with the goal of gaining access to your network and stealing data. Our security engineers can detect and respond rapidly to security threats to your environment, minimizing impact to your business.

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DDoS Attacks

DDoS attacks aim to take your business offline, damage your brand reputation and compromise your and your customers’ sensitive data. Our services can help you to stop a targeted DDoS attack before it impacts your network.

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We provide the configuration hardening and monitoring, patch and user monitoring, and file integrity management and reporting necessary to help you meet your compliance goals.

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Data Governance

As long as businesses continue to generate sensitive data, adversaries will try to exploit vulnerable systems. Start by classifying your data to understand your exposure risk, and then apply the appropriate controls to protect that data.

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