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Rackspace Managed Platform for Kubernetes

Tap into a unified multicloud service experience with management and support services that deliver a secure Kubernetes service across distributed clouds.

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Businesses today are moving to containers and Kubernetes, also known as K8s, to improve delivery metrics, accelerate digital transformation and decrease time to market. But this transition to a modern application framework often leaves businesses struggling to streamline the delivery of critical applications and infrastructure while delivering meaningful results to their customers and shareholders.

Rackspace Managed Platform for Kubernetes (MPK), powered by Platform9’s Managed Kubernetes (PMK) solution, solves these common customer challenges by providing a:

  • Single pane of glass for deploying and clusters managing across private and public cloud
  • Curated platform experience through frequently requested infrastructure services for containerized workloads and applications with a high degree of Kubernetes security
  • Specialized support team comprised of Certified Kubernetes Administrators versed in Kubernetes, Platform9 and multicloud

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Kubernetes Features

A pod includes a small group of Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA)-certified engineers, a lead architect and an engagement manager who work together to:

  • Design your MPK and Kubernetes deployment
  • Manage operations of the entire stack using infrastructure as code​
  • Provide monitoring, alerting and response for the cluster, cluster services and underlying infrastructure​
  • Assist with the platform upgrade for all Infrastructure Applications​ and Kubernetes features alongside supported cluster services
  • Ensure clusters are properly configured and conform to official Kubernetes specifications​
  • Optimize performance by establishing and maintaining performance targets through routine audits, analysis and recommendations​
  • Manage security through timely upgrades, sound identity posture, container image scanning, runtime security and network protection​
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By design, Kubernetes offers portability across clouds. Rackspace Managed Platform for Kubernetes enables the movement of your container-based applications across multiple clouds and environments for greater flexibility and accelerated time to market.

The Rackspace Managed Platform for Kubernetes includes support for Rackspace Hosted Kubernetes on Bare Metal, AWS EKS and support for Azure Kubernetes Service.

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The Rackspace Kubernetes Stack provides a consistent set of technologies across all your clusters for repeatable and scalable deployments.

At the core of the stack, you’ll find the Infrastructure, Certified, and Catalog Application categories:

  • Infrastructure Applications are fully integrated into MPK's software with one-click virtual machine deployments and managed upgrades.
  • Certified Applications are deployable through MPK's software, but integration is more limited with lifecycle activities managed by Rackspace Technology and the customer.
  • Catalog Applications are commonly open source and limited to community support. We deliberately defined this category because we realize that no two customers are alike, and it is critical that MPK allows for some level of customization.
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We secure your technology stack from the infrastructure to the Kubernetes cluster, including the containers running inside the cluster and the additional services required to run applications. We care of it, so you don’t have to.

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Based on the same technology that allows Google to run billions of containers each week, Kubernetes can easily scale to meet the needs of even the fastest-growing enterprise.

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Our Expertise

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Kubernetes Certified Service Provider

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500+ Kubernetes Clusters Managed

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50+ Certified Kubernetes Administrators (CKA)

“Scalability is key for us, and all the PaaS solutions we're building facilitate that goal via Kubernetes engines and container technologies microservices, which are completely decoupled from each other and can scale at a very granular level.”
Maxime Rousson, Cloud Architect, BMG Read the case study

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