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Tap into the security, affordability and scalability of Kubernetes-as-a-Service

We help you deploy a Kubernetes solution built for security and delivered as a service with superior economics and ongoing operations and support.

Kubernetes is a powerful tool for automating and scaling containers. Yet, many organizations are not prepared or staffed with the right experience and expertise to operate and integrate it into an existing IT environment.

Rackspace Technology offers expertise creating and operating open source infrastructure to help you maximize multicloud portability and avoid lock-in. We manage the ongoing operations and support of the entire technology stack, from the hardware to the IaaS to Kubernetes, including the containers and the cluster application services, so you can focus on building and running your applications.

We will expertly deploy and operate a highly available and fully managed Kubernetes control plane, including configuration, operation and maintenance of all Kubernetes components. We also provide best practices and support for deploying and operating highly scalable applications within Kubernetes.

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Based on the same technology that allows Google to run billions of containers each week, Kubernetes can easily scale to meet the needs of even the fastest growing enterprise.

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As an open source platform, Kubernetes keeps you free from vendor lock in and allows you to effortlessly move workloads across multiple infrastructure environments.

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Highly available and fault-tolerant by default, Kubernetes also offers zero-downtime deployments, rolling upgrades and self-healing capabilities.

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Save up to 50% by using a managed service to operate Kubernetes, and we deliver multiple options to control costs, including a choice of capex or opex cost models. Our entire technology stack is open source, so you save on licensing costs and avoid vendor lock in.

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Unlike other service providers, Rackspace provides ongoing operations and support, which we call “Day 2 Operations” and are critical to the success of a container-based digital transformation. As part of Day 2, we perform logging, monitoring, updates and zero-downtime upgrades, as well as patching and security hardening for Kubernetes, all managed cluster services and the node operating system.

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We secure the technology stack from the infrastructure to the Kubernetes cluster, including the containers running inside the cluster and the additional services required to run applications. Rackspace Technology takes care of it, so you don’t have to.

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By design, Kubernetes offers portability across clouds. Using Kubernetes, we’ll help you easily move your container-based applications across multiple clouds and environments, enabling greater flexibility and helping to accelerate speed to market.

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"We were looking for an experienced partner that can help us achieve our desired production-ready infrastructure within a very short timeframe. Onica came on-board matching the high standards the Babbly team embodies, and worked closely with us so we could release our application on schedule."
Carla Margalef Bentabol, CTO and Co-Founder, Babbly See the Case Study

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