"DevOps is an area where it’s hard to find people that have the skills. So it’s great to partner with Rackspace, who can bring that to the table and allow us to focus on developing our very specific SunPower applications and services. It’s a fantastic offering."

Rich Robinson

VP Business Technology & CIO, SunPower

We’ll Help You Leverage the Cloud to Transform Your Business

Deliver Performance

Your manufacturing business can’t afford problems related to poor performance, unplanned downtime or data loss. Your customers — and employees — expect services to be available at all times, with little to no latency.

With our private cloud solutions, you benefit from the greater control and performance of a single-tenant environment along with the agility and efficiency of the public cloud. Your compute, storage and networking components are dedicated to your business needs, providing enhanced security and customization.

And you can connect your dedicated environment to the public cloud of your choice to create a true hybrid cloud with multi-cloud flexibility.

Rely on experts for help designing an environment that’s resilient and built to keep data safe.

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Streamline Operations

From supplier portals to tools for tracking sales, marketing and inventory, most aspects of your business can benefit from automation and optimization to improve efficiency.
With our DevOps tools and guidence, plus a range of enterprise application solutions, we’ll help you streamline operations so you can focus on developing more products — and selling them. And if you need help putting your workloads where they’ll run best, turn to our Professional Services team. We can help put you on the right path.

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Collaborate Globally

The pressure to reduce production lifecycles and time-to-market — and to constantly innovate — is part of how you do business. Cloud-based technologies help distributed organizations communicate and collaborate with their employees, as well as with suppliers and distributors.

If your company operates globally — or plans to — you’ll also want to ensure your infrastructure will support global operations and offer secure network connections between providers.

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Capture & Analyze Data

Are you capturing and using the data your business generates to help meet your goals and objectives? Cloud-based tools often enable you to obtain and analyze data more easily. You can then apply the insights you derive from your business intelligence to improve your business outcomes.

Not sure where to start? Leverage our experience implementing end-to-end big data solutions — so you can get more value from your business data.

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Leverage Our Expertise

You need your adoption of cloud technologies to go smoothly — an unsuccessful migration can be costly and difficult to recover from. Whether your business runs on legacy infrastructure or a combination of old and new technologies, we can deliver the guidance and managed services you need to get the most from the cloud. And we'll support your solution 24x7x365.

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