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Bringing the benefits of the cloud to the travel and hospitality industry

In an industry where guest experience defines the core business, travel and hospitality organizations are under pressure to dramatically alter their business models to meet an ever-evolving set of customer expectations. Today’s guests demand more personalized interactions, but with the autonomy to control their own experiences. As a result, these verticals have been leveraging cloud technologies to predict customer behavior, streamline the travel process and create tailored experiences that are unforgettable.

Leverage our strategies and integrated sets of solutions, such as IoT and data analytics, to increase the speed and efficiency of your processes while continuously innovating and improving your guests' experiences.

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Use cases

Leverage IoT devices and self-service applications that enable guests to control and customize their experiences through connected in-room solutions. Enhance a guest’s convenience and accessibility to control rooms as well as connect them to other guest services like in-room dining and hotel reservations.

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Leverage AI/ML solutions with your operational data to predict resource needs based on historical trends and external factors that could disrupt your supply chain.

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Access insights to help make informed decisions, more accurately predict and anticipate demand, and increase overall customer satisfaction and revenue. Gain valuable, real-time information on the status of equipment to ensure rapid repairs and replacements before they stop functioning, improving the safety and satisfaction of guests.

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Streamline the customer experience across all areas of the travel and hospitality industry — from mobile travel alerts to seamless check-in and electronic key cards. Engage customers at every stage of the travel planning process through location-based mobile apps, providing guests with more flexibility, options and freedom to access your services and explore local attractions.

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Utilize cloud-based occupancy IoT sensors and automation to adjust utilities for unoccupied spaces, helping to reduce costs while supporting energy responsibility initiatives.

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Leverage AI/ML and data analytics services to make recommendations tailored to each guest, allowing the ability to distinguish between business and leisure stays and cater services such as room upgrades, spa amenities or restaurants, accordingly.

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"Our first year of savings are in the 40 to 45 percent range from our traditional run cost."

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