Multicloud Solutions Across the Full Lifecycle

Higher revenue, lower costs, smoother devops. No matter your goals, we have solutions to handle them, so you can focus on what's next.

We know what you're up against because we've helped global companies across industries through it - and you can bet we're ready for what's next. Alongside you, our team delivers results by listening to your challenges and building custom cloud services and solutions that help your business perform better now and into the future. And Rackspace Fabric, our proprietary software, drives Fanatical Experience for our customers.


Cloud Native Enablement

The shortage of skills, lack of time to focus or the inability to deliver cloud native applications should not keep companies from realizing their potential in the cloud. We augment your team with our cloud native experts to assess, design, build, manage and optimize your applications, data and security for native multicloud deployments.

Transitioning your IT to a DevOps culture for cloud native development will accelerate the value of the cloud.

Solution Brief

Leadership Insight: What is the Key to Cloud Native Success? People and Process.

Virtual Roundtable: Cloud: The Enabler of Innovation

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Diagram of an example of Rackspace's Cloud Native Enablement Solution
Diagram of an example of Rackspace's Data Modernization Solution

Data Modernization

As data volume, variety and sources quickly increase, businesses are struggling to manage data and generate meaningful analyses. We help you streamline and modernize your data architecture to align with business objectives using a modern cloud data platform while operationalizing AI for predictive analytics.

With modern data analytics and AI, you will uncover new use cases for increasing business efficiencies and customer engagement with up to 70% reduction in time and effort to implement.

Solution Brief

Leadership Insight: The Road to Trusted Data

Virtual Roundtable: Is Your Data a Liability?

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Cloud Security

The shift to modern architectures and remote workforces, coupled with evolving compliance mandates has dramatically increased the threat profile of organizations.

We can assess your current posture against industry benchmarks, design, build, and fully-manage a defense-in-depth cloud security architecture for unified protection across your multicloud environments. Your coverage is continually optimized to address current vulnerabilities and emerging threats, fortified by certified security experts in our global Security Operations Center (SOC).

Solution Brief

Leadership Insight: CCPA and the Evolving Role of Data Privacy Laws

Virtual Roundtable: The New Cybersecurity Landscape

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Diagram of an example of Rackspace's Security for the Enterprise Solution
Diagram of an example of Rackspace's Multicloud Optimization Solution

Cloud Optimization

In today's rapidly changing business landscape, there is constant pressure to do more with less, with 82% of enterprises indicating that managing cloud spend is a challenge. (Flexera, 2020 State of the Cloud Report)

Regardless of where you're running your applications, we will assess your current environment, provide best practice recommendations on areas to optimize spend, design and implement a customized cloud cost optimization solution for your business and provide ongoing managed cloud services to help you optimize further.

Solution Brief

Leadership Insight: Multicloud Unleashes the Power of Choice

Virtual Roundtable: Multicloud Strategy - Process First. Technology Second®

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Visions Realized

Empowering our customers' success

My involvement with the customer has been from day one. Guiding and making sure what we build for our customers is in alignment with their overall business solution. Itari Ighoroje
Principal Architect, Rackspace Technology
Solving Together

Our Approach

Every day we work with our customers to understand what they need to make a bigger impact. Then, we create the right solutions that can help them own it.


Advise by focusing on how to achieve business objectives with the right cloud technology solution.


Design a solution that maps each application to its best-fit platform in terms of economics, performance, data sovereignty and compliance- leveraging a multicloud environment.


Build the leading solution across applications, data and security.


Manage and run the day-to-day elements of your cloud environment for greater sustainability and security.


Optimize by deploying the right cloud management tools for deep insights, with proactive performance and efficiency monitoring.

continuous cloud optimization process

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