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Rackspace Kubernetes-as-a-Service

Businesses of all sizes are choosing containers to power their digital transformations. And they rely on Kubernetes to help them deploy, scale and manage their growing number of containerized applications.

But operating and scaling Kubernetes and integrating it into an existing IT environment is challenging and requires the right tooling, automation and processes, as well as hard-to-find expertise. So, businesses like yours are turning to Rackspace Kubernetes-as-a-Service (KaaS).

With Rackspace KaaS, our experts deliver ongoing operations management and support for the entire technology stack — from the hardware and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) to Kubernetes itself. Plus, we manage and support the containers and cluster application services such as monitoring, logging, analytics and more.

Multi-Cloud Portability

With our fully managed Kubernetes service, you’ll get improved application portability across clouds and internal environments, allowing you to focus on building and launching applications, while providing greater flexibility and speed to market.

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Reduced Costs

You can save up to 50 percent* with Rackspace Kubernetes-as-a-Service versus operating it yourself.

You’ll also have options to better predict and control costs, including consuming the service in either a capex or opex model in your own data center, a Rackspace Technology data center or a third-party colocation facility.

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Focus on Core Business

As the world’s leading operator of open-source infrastructure**, we can help create a successful transformation to container-based workloads. By eliminating the complexity of managing and operating Kubernetes, your IT staff and resources can be re-focused onto projects that support your core business, rather than on managing Kubernetes.

Our team has built and operated container environments for more than 1,000 customers. Turn to us for best practices and support for deploying and operating highly scalable applications within Kubernetes.

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"Kubernetes is an important part of our cloud transformation strategy. Having a trusted partner like Rackspace, who can eliminate the complexity of having to operate Kubernetes ourselves, will enable us to better focus on delivering our industry-leading tools and capabilities to fight fraud, manage risk and help businesses make better decisions."

Mike Trkay

Vice President of Cloud Services, FICO

Get the Most from Kubernetes, the Leading System for Container Deployment, Scaling and Management

Fully Managed Services & Guidance

Let our experts install, operate and manage your highly available Kubernetes deployment, complete with best practice guidance on using Kubernetes features such as automatic container scheduling, horizontal scaling, self-healing and more.

Managed Cluster Services

Our team will install, configure and operate the logging, metrics, monitoring and image registry applications accompanying the Kubernetes cluster — so you can get your application up and running.

Day 2 Operations

Let us manage ongoing Day 2 operations for you — including updates, zero-downtime upgrades, patching and security hardening for Kubernetes, all managed cluster services and the node operating system.

Superior Economics

Save up to half* over operating Kubernetes yourself, with options to help you better predict and control costs. Plus, with our entirely open-source technology stack, you save on licensing costs and avoid vendor lock-in.

Strategic Flexibility

You can consume Kubernetes-as-a-Service in either a capex or opex model in your choice of data centers around the world to help meet security, compliance and data sovereignty needs.

Enterprise-Grade Security

We secure the technology stack from the infrastructure to the cluster itself, including the containers running inside the cluster and the additional services required to run applications.

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