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More than a hosting provider.
We're your trusted service partner.

Whatever you want to do with your cloud,
our certified experts have probably it done before.

Managed cloud is our passion, which is why we’re constantly learning new and better ways of doing things, while adding certifications to our roster.


MSFT Technical certifications


Ecommerce App Specialists


Content Management Specialists


VMware certifications

including 83+ VCPs, VCAPs and vExperts


RedHat certifications

including RHCEs, RHCSAs and RHCAs


Cisco certifications

including 122 CCNAs and 44 CCNPs

"Rackspace has been not only a reason why we’re growing, but a partner at every stage of that growth."
Guillaume Aubuchon — CTO, DigitalFilm Tree
Quote: DigitalFilm Tree

Somos a nuvem gerenciada

com um toque humano

Cada funcionário Rackspace (conhecido como "Racker") é dedicado ao Fanatical Support, seja qual for o tamanho da sua organização.

O prêmio Fanatical Jacket é dado aos Rackers que foram além - usando sua experiência e criatividade para construir a melhor experiência "do-it-together" de nuvem para os nossos clientes.

Launch fast. Run lean.

Questions? Chat with a Racker ready to provide Fanatical Support today.

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