Rackspace Fabric

Proprietary software platform, delivers a unified experience across our multicloud solutions.

Consistent. Manageable. Efficient.

Multicloud Management Made Simple

Consistent, automated cloud services through a single platform.

The Rackspace Fabric is our technology service platform which solves your challenge: how to unite all cloud platforms enabling consistency in multicloud. With this service layer, we are able to provide common governance, ticketing, billing, tagging and much more throughout our customers’ multicloud estates. We aren’t replacing your native access to cloud technology, but unifying the service layer between them. This enables a faster, more consistent approach to consuming cloud resources from multiple providers enabling our customers to realize the transformational capabilities of cloud much faster.

What makes the Rackspace Fabric totally unique is that we have taken our over 20 years of expertise in all of these threads, added the latest cloud technologies, and woven everything together into one platform - one fabric - which we use as the foundation for service delivery.

Now our customers get the best of both worlds: raw native power from their clouds of choice - and consistency across all common support services.

Rackspace Technology Fabric Diagram

Rackspace Fabric

Our Proprietary Software Platform, Unlocks a Next-Gen Experience

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