Ensure Reliable Performance, Scalability and Security of NoSQL Databases

Managed NoSQL Databases Powered by ObjectRocket

How much are DIY databases costing you? According to a Crimson Consulting Group report, companies running DIY NoSQL databases spend 472% more compared to a solution managed by Rackspace.

Deploying NoSQL databases may be easy, but ensuring their reliable performance, scalability and security isn’t. And many businesses simply don’t have the experience required to do it well.

Leverage our expertise to help you solve your complex NoSQL database challenges at scale.

Our ObjectRocket-powered solutions offer scalable, reliable and automated managed instances of the most popular NoSQL databases, so you can focus on your cutting-edge application, not your database management.

Features of NoSQL


Grow with your business. With ObjectRocket, you can provision an instance in seconds, to scale seamlessly and painlessly.


We can optimize every aspect of your technology stack — from the network to the database — for maximum performance.


Get fully managed database services with deep expertise, so you can focus on creating great apps.

Free Data Migration

Let us migrate your workloads across technologies, providers and architectures at no additional cost and with little-to-no downtime.

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