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Managed Relational Database Hosting

DBAs often spend their time managing existing databases. But to get ahead, you need your DBAs to be focused on provisioning, testing and tuning new databases that support application development.

Now you can free up your DBAs to focus on moving your business forward by handing off day-to-day management of your mission-critical production applications to Rackspace. And you can leverage our portfolio of dedicated and cloud-based relational database services for help with rapid development and deployment of new applications.

How Rackspace Can Help


To help ensure maximum backend performance, we've optimized every aspect of the database stack — from compute, memory, storage and networking to OS and database tuning — to securely power over 30,000 mission-critical Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL database servers.


By relying on Rackspace to support the backend of your SQL-based website or custom applications, you can devote more resources to building new features and capabilities that truly differentiate your product or service.


We've engineered a fast, scalable and fully managed service that enables you to rapidly provision performance-oriented MySQL, MariaDB or Percona databases that are powered by open APIs.

At the end of the day, we were able to process 20,000 donations-per-minute from over 10 million users, raising over $37 million for the people of Houston over the course of a week, and a lot of that was due in part to Rackspace's help with the infrastructure and with our database.

Jeremy Jackson

Director of Engineering

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