Not Sure Where to Start With Building a Cloud Strategy?

Rackspace Makes it Easy to Migrate to New or Multi-Cloud Environments

When you’re considering a move to the cloud, let our specialists help you build your strategy, assess your application portfolio, review your cost structure and identify the best-fit platform for your needs. Whether you’re migrating to AWS®, Microsoft, Google, VMware® and OpenStack® , we have the certified specialists who can help make it a success.

Put Our Experts to Work for Your IT Transformation


We have the expertise to support your migration, across all leading public and private clouds.


We serve customers in over 150 countries from startups to more than half of the FORTUNE 100.


Our experts will guide you through every stage of your migration, from planning to optimization.


We’ll help you to select the best-fit cloud platform and then help you successfully migrate.

Whatever You Want to Do with Your Cloud, We Have Probably Done It Before


Microsoft Technical Certifications


AWS Technical Certifications


VMware Certifications

1 Billion

OpenStack Managed Server Hours

Multi-Cloud Adoption Accelerator

Streamline Your Move to the Cloud 

  • Cloud Readiness Assessment that evaluates your applications, infrastructure and data readiness for the cloud.
  • Application and Infrastructure Portfolio Analysis that leverages documentation of your existing applications and infrastructure.
  • Platform Capabilities Mapping and ROI Analysis that determines which cloud platform(s) and services from the Rackspace comprehensive cloud portfolio fit your overall cloud adoption strategy. 
  • Solution and Deployment Strategy that will include a comprehensive IaaS solution based on the recommended cloud platforms and all applications.

Migration Services

Expert Guidance for Planning and Managing Your Server and Data Migrations

  • Our Cloud Engineers Assess and Evaluate your current workloads, physical and virtual server configurations, network topology, security and compliance requirements to help you mitigate the risk that comes with any migration effort and limit your impact to product.  
  • We Design an appropriate migration Strategy based on your applications, databases, storage, physical and virtual servers.
  • Next, a comprehensive project and migration Plan is set, based on your migration strategy and destination environment.
  • Finally, we execute and Migrate against the plan.

Load Testing

We Can Help You Benchmark Your Performance Parameters 

  • Detect the exact moment when a site will have latency issues or break by pushing the limits of site performance with simultaneous users
  • Identify how much load a server can take without changing response time 
  • Expose application bottlenecks and pinpoint problem areas
  • Optimize cloud and hybrid-cloud deployments by selectively scaling component services
  • Test complex user scenario sequences, including pages, dynamic content, transactions, logins and more

One of the key reasons that we went with Rackspace in the first place was we were looking for something that we could scale seamlessly — with a bank and service culture that we could align with.



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