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AWS Optimizer+™ Cost Management Support Free

Rackspace Technology is an expert in cost optimization. Let our managed certified experts help you on the cloud journey in our free service tier.

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Rackspace Technology has over 3,000 certified cloud experts on AWS, GCP, Azure and OpenStack. We’ve supported over tens of thousands of customers working to migrate, optimize costs and improve their operations. Let our multi-cloud expertise help you navigate the complexities of a software-first model. Cloud, easy.

More about Cloud Solutions
QuickDeploy Bare Metal Servers
Get a powerful, secured single tenant server fast! Review some of our most commonly purchased dedicated server configurations.
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Rackspace Cloud Free Trial
Get $100 to use on ANYTHING in Rackspace Cloud! Valid for first 60 days after activation.
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VMWare on AWS 30-Day Trial
Test drive a Rackspace Technology VMWare cluster for 30-days with no obligation.
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AWS Optimizer+ Cost Management Support Free
Rackspace is an expert in cost optimization. Let our certified experts help you on the cloud journey in our free service tier.
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Managed GCP by the Experts
With over 1,000 GCP certifications, Rackspace Technology is positioned to solve any GCP challenge you have. Try out our platform today!
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Rackspace Technology built its reputation supporting infrastructure but we’ve taken that same high level of service and applied it to your application layer. If you need someone who understands not only the infrastructure but the customer experience as well, we’re the right place for you.

More about Applications Solutions
Microsoft 365 Free 14-day Trial
Try Microsoft 365, with Rackspace Technology support, free for 14 days. Your migration is also free!
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Email 14-day Free Trial
Try our low-cost Rackspace Email or feature-rich Microsoft Hosted Exchange, free for 14 days.
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Free Digital Experience Performance Checkup
Have our experts identify optimizations and vulnerabilities.
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Get a free Salesforce checkup
Have our experienced Salesforce consultants evaluate the overall health of your instance and then provide you a customized report with their findings and recommendations.
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Data is messy and getting messier. Data is sprawling across clouds, changing formats and updating in real time and yet, using your data has never been more important. Wherever your data is and whatever it looks like, our team has seen it. Let us help you put it into action!

More about Data Solutions
Try Rackspace Managed DBaaS on AWS for free
Get 30 days of our highly performant, managed database platform on AWS for free. Access our team of certified DBAs anytime in that month for free too!
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Cyberattacks are on the rise as hacking becomes easier to replicate and nation-states pour more resources into black hat operations. At the same time, the vectors of attack are multiplying as cloud software introduces more nuance and networks move away from the traditional datacenter. Our team works on just about any infrastructure and we manage tens of thousands of clients across all of them. Let us apply that experience for you.

More about Security Solutions
Security Anywhere
Check out some of our security offerings you can use on almost any infrastructure, even your own datacenter. Take our SOC with you where you need it most.
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On your road to the cloud, it’s best to start small and achieve some quick wins before taking on a larger migration. We offer a variety of workshops to help get you started.
FedRAMP Authorization Workshop
Looking to get FedRAMP authorized? Sign up for our half-day, live, virtual workshop and learn everything about the process from our team of experts.
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GCP Migration Discovery Workshop
Migrating to the cloud is hard to do right. Let our experts help you outline business requirements and map the project, free for a limited time.
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GCP Data Discovery Workshop
Need help managing data on GCP? Our discovery workshop is free for a limited time. We’ll explore all GCP data tools and even outline your next project.
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GCP Multi-Cloud Workshop
Discover how businesses in your segment are leveraging the cloud today through our on-site Google Cloud Hybrid/Multi Cloud with Anthos Discovery Workshop.
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Take one of our assessments to learn something very specific about your environment and, if you want, we’ll be ready to speak with you afterward if you have more questions.
CyberSecurity Risk Self-Assessment
This quick 15 question self-assessment will help explain how you can shore up your cybersecurity posture. Our experts are ready to talk if you want even more!
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