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Eliminate technical debt, fix flawed security and bring disparate data together with our IT security professional services. When your technology environment is working for you, your company can focus on getting ahead rather than on what holds you back. Our experts design and build cloud solutions that move your business forward.

Using cloud-native approaches based on leading DevOps practices, we help you modernize your applications and data, build in the leading security solutions and deploy everything on the right cloud infrastructure for maximum effectiveness. We’ve assembled a professional services team that brings you expertise for leading applications, data architectures and technologies, and security best practices – across every major cloud platform.

We make keeping up with rapidly changing cloud technologies our business, so you can get the most out of yours.

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Cloud Offerings

Cloud strategy architecture roadmap: Develop a cloud strategy and architecture roadmap using a structured Cloud Adoption Framework and expert guidance.  

  • CIO advisory workshop: Complimentary advisory session to discuss how leading organizations are using the public cloud to make shifts across technology, processes and people to drive business solutions.  
  • Cloud Readiness Assessment: Cloud expert-led, multi-week consultative engagement that equips you with a holistic review of your IT environment, and provides a strategic plan with actionable insights and unbiased recommendations.  
  • Cloud Maturity Workshop: A complete, objective people, process and technology assessment against cloud best practices so you know what development areas your business should prioritize.  
  • FinOps Assessment Workshop: FinOps consultant led, two-day, interactive workshop to discuss components of best-in-class cost governance practices, highlighting potential configuration gaps and building a prioritized roadmap for optimal cost savings.  


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Platform migrations: Execute a fit-for-purpose migration of application workloads by lifting, shifting and optimizing VM-based workloads to the cloud.  

  • Landing Zone: Deliver a fully functional, secure and optimized foundation for your first workload in the public cloud.  
  • Lift-and-shift migrations: Accelerate your time-to-market with a fast and proven application migration to the public cloud in a like-for-like manner that minimizes disruption, downtime and risk. 
  • Pipeline Driven Migration: Accelerate your application-focused migration journey to the cloud and add modern automation.   
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Take advantage of a Modern Cloud Infrastructure solution across 11 services aimed at creating a secure, resilient, and enterprise-grade cloud environment. Our certified experts work closely with you to align cloud architecture to meet your specific requirements and goals, empower your teams, and drive rapid innovation across AWS, Azure, & GCP.

ackspace has an extensive standardized and purpose-built library of Reference Architectures across AWS, Azure, & GCP that speeds up delivery, fully embraces cloud-native, maximizes Hyperscaler funding, and reduces your costs.

Benefits of leveraging Rackspace for your Modern Cloud Infrastructure needs:

  • Reduce complexity: We’ll break down gargantuan tasks into achievable milestones.
  • Minimize risk: Weekly sprints during engagement and stakeholder alignments are key components to our delivery methodology to reduce risk.
  • Deliver business objectives faster: Through our expertise, proven delivery methodology, and reference architectures (IP), we accelerate time-to-value and business outcomes.
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Application modernization: Develop an application strategy and architecture roadmap using structured offerings and expert guidance.  

  • Rackspace Application Modernization Workshop: Overcome the complexity of modernization and get on the fast track to modern application development. Determine which path is right for your business — rehost, re-platform, refactor, rebuild or replace. 
  • Legacy Systems Assessment: Maximize the agility, reliability and cost-saving benefits of the cloud. We evaluate your application portfolio and provide recommendations for a pilot application to modernize, including backlog, roadmap and cost estimate.  
  • SaaS workshop: No matter what stage you’re on in your SaaS journey, we have the expertise to provide an assessment and reference points with clear recommendations for improvements.  

Cloud Native Applications & Development: Modernization of your legacy workloads to get the benefits of cloud native platforms. 

  • Modern Application Development: Don’t just run applications in the cloud, run applications made for the cloud. Leverage our cloud native development expertise to build a modern infrastructure and applications. 
  • Application Discovery and Wireframing Assessment: Our team of business analysts and architects work to understand your goals and vision, and translate them into actionable requirements and an intuitive, modern user interface. 
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IoT design and development: Design and implement your IoT strategy leveraging our expertise. We provide everything you need to move forward quickly and efficiently with your IoT business goals.  

  • IoT Assessment & Advisory: Kickstart your IoT journey by working with our experts to define your business challenges and goals and develop a roadmap that maximizes your ROI. 
  • IoT Platform Modernization:  An IoT platform is responsible for provisioning and managing your fleet of devices, as well as ingesting, processing, aggregating and exposing the data that makes IoT valuable. Through our discovery and design, you gain a cloud native, robust and scalable IoT platform that can seamlessly grow with your business. 
  • IIoT Smart Factory Accelerator: Reduce the time required to monitor and optimize IIoT. Realize the value of predictive maintenance, real-time alerts and analytics to lower costs, mitigate potential risks and respond quickly to time-sensitive issues. 
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Data and AI strategy and roadmap: Create a holistic data and AI strategy that allows your organization to drive business value, mitigate risk and build a data-driven company.  

  • Database Migration and Modernization Assessment: Data experts will review modern cloud architectures and explore the tools available and make recommendations. We’ll overview where you are today in your data modernization journey — and where you want to go.  
  • Data warehouse assessment: Data experts will assess and provide recommendations on the right-fit cloud data warehouse architecture for modernization to improve your data products’ efficiency, performance, scalability, security and reliability.  
  • Hadoop assessment: Improve the performance, scalability, security and reliability of your Hadoop environment, while making it easier to accelerate innovation at scale. We can assess and provide recommendations on the right-fit cloud data architecture for accelerating modernization and realizing the benefits of scale.  
  • Well Architected Review for data assessment: A high-level audit of all data critical workloads against the Well Architected Framework.  
  • Cloud data management capabilities assessment: An assessment to benchmark your current technology, processes and people against the enterprise-grade CDMC framework used by Fortune 500 data teams.  
  • Data design labs: Helps you build a strategy and accelerate your path to production by providing a deeper understanding of data and analytics services, including database modernization, ETL migration, and modernization for batch streaming, modern data platforms, data lakehouse architecture and machine learning.  
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Cloud data migration: Move data across technologies and platforms, while minimizing risks, disruption and downtime. 

  • Database modernization: Modernize your databases to make them more efficient, scalable, reliable, secure and easier to manage. 
  • Data warehouse migration: Shift data to the cloud to enable powerful reporting of critical analytics workloads.  
  • Data lake migration: Migrate and store data in a flexible and cost-effective solution. 
  • Business intelligence modernization: Make data and analytics actionable and operational to your teams with the latest BI tools and integrations.  

Cloud data platform: Realize value from your data faster with a cloud data platform. Gain insights and efficiencies from automated reporting and visualization.  

  • Cloud data platform: Envision the possibilities with data analytics and we’ll help you develop practical solutions that focus on technology and business transformation.  
  • Data-driven applications: Build a foundational platform that enables sharing siloed data across teams and other networks.  
  • Operating model and governance: Ensure data quality and define data workflows for successful data lifecycle management. We help you define and align to industry best practices for long-term data management. 
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Analytics and applied AI: Enable automated insights with analytics by training data to be intelligent and actionable with AI and machine learning.  

  • Cloud native analytics: Enable a data-driven organization via robust analytics capabilities designed to meet your goals.    
  • Demand forecasting: Make intelligent guesses about future behaviors, like predicting churn, forecasting purchasing habits and anticipating inventory. 
  • Anomaly detection: Quickly identify data that doesn’t align with historical patterns.  
  • Computer vision: Interpret and classify information from images, videos and other content.  
  • Conversational AI: Leverage and train data for the advanced speech and text capabilities used by virtual agents.  
  • Intelligent document processing: Scalable, cloud native solution for turning documents, photos and other data points into digitized, searchable content. 
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Cloud security advisory and assurance: To protect digital investments, modernize your cloud security and compliance with expert consultative services to help assess and transform cloud security and governance at scale, including security policies, architecture, assurance, governance and risk management — all while ensuring resiliency and compliance.  

  • Cloud Security Posture Assessment: Understand your current cloud security posture with expert design and implementation recommendations to create a security operation that can address gaps and help reduce threat risks.  
  • Risk management and compliance: A suite of services designed to help you understand your business risks and compliance posture in the cloud, and help you build a plan to achieve and maintain compliance.  
  • Security architecture: Build security and privacy into your architecture, and provide technical support to teams that may not have the resources to staff senior security executive and technical roles.  
  • Offensive security: Enhance your cyber defenses by uncovering vulnerabilities, assessing the impact of a cyberattack and providing security assurance in your digital estate. 

Security advisory, engineering and compliance services also extend into: 

  • Advanced identity protection and governance 
  • Zero Trust architecture and networking 
  • Application security and lifecycles 
  • XDR readiness and integration 
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