Security, simple. Rackspace's approach to keeping your tech stack safe without complexity.

Security is complicated but it doesn't have to be. Rackspace Technology manages tens of thousands of customers so we know firsthand what you're up against. That's why we focus on a zero trust journey model that protects you everywhere. Below are some of the first phases on a zero trust journey to get you started. Select the phases that make the most sense for you or buy the components individually. In each case, a specialist will walk you through your purchase before you spend any money.

Rackspace security is focused on customizing the solution that makes sense for you so if you have any questions, click the "Chat Now" button and speak with a specialist!
SOC as a Service Proactive Detection and Response Web Application Firewall MFA / IAM Custom
Starting price per month

$100 per host


dependent on size of infrastructure

$399 per site

$4 per user

Unique business requirements or compliance concerns? Looking for something else? Let our architects create a customized solution covering:

  • Threat detection

  • Vulnerability management

  • Network defense

  • Endpoint protection

  • Data protection and encryption

  • Cloud Native Tooling

  • Audit and compliance

  • Cloud SIEM

  • Category:

    Server protection, threat detection, audit compliance, log and data management

    Active defense, SOC, incident response

    Layer 7 - Network defense, intrusion protection, application defense

    User management, network and infrastructure access

  • Deploy anywhere on any cloud, even outside of Rackspace

  • Instant 24x7x365 SOC coverage from certified experts

  • Threat detection using IDS, anti-virus, malware protection, vulnerability scanning and file integrity monitoring

  • Compliance built in - our controls map to popular frameworks like PCI, HIPPA, GDPR, etc.

  • Log and data management made easy, at Rackspace or on your infrastructure

  • Your own personal 24x7x365 SOC staffed by our tenured security experts

  • Reduced total cost of ownership with increased coverage

  • Incident management built in - we're up all night, every night defending you

  • Breach detection and remediation immediately - no pager delay to action

  • Full environment protection, nothing spared!

  • Protects against a range of attacks like DDoS, cross-site scripting, and SQL injection

  • Defends against zero-day attacks

  • Easy to setup - get running in minutes

  • No hardware required or long term contracts

  • Shields from application attacks on popular platforms like Wordpress and Drupal

  • Fundamental building block of security

  • Allow users to easily self-serve even if they lose their token

  • Easy to use, real-time reporting of who's logging in with fraud alerts

  • Security controls are built in and easy to customize

  • Easy to integrate with applications programmatically

  • Best for:

    Small/medium business

    Small/medium business, enterprises

    Small/medium business, enterprises

    Small/medium business, enterprises


    Call or ticket, 24x7x365

    Call or ticket, 24x7x365

    Ticket, 24x7x365

    Call or ticket, 24x7x365


    All platforms supported

    Rackspace supported clouds: AWS, GCP, Azure, OpenStack, private cloud and bare metal servers

    All platforms supported

    All platforms supported

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