Data-driven manufacturing

Modernize your manufacturing and industrial technologies and processes.

The manufacturing industry faces many challenges, ranging from a lack of supply chain visibility and collaboration to skills shortages and siloed data. Additionally, today’s always-connected, fast-moving customers have forced companies to make a digital transformation.

We’ll be your guide. Leverage our deep expertise to create a solution that provides what you need to transform your manufacturing organization — with the flexibility to change as your business grows.

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Use cases

Envision, develop, launch and manage your IoT solutions

  • With connected products, you can build new revenue streams, enhance customer experience and bring new products to market.
  • Enhance your manufacturing and industrial applications with real-time, cloud-powered intelligence.
  • Gain insights from your fleet of distributed devices, deployed worldwide, to enhance and optimize your operations.
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Salesforce manufacturing solutions provide end-to-end visibility across your business

  • Gain transparency across your supply chain ecosystem as well as a holistic view of the business — while enhancing collaboration across marketing, sales and client services.
  • We offer implementation and ongoing optimization services for multiple Salesforce manufacturing solutions options — ranging from Quick Starts that get you up and running quickly, to full custom projects.
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Become a digital business faster, and with less risk.

  • By modernizing your ERP solutions on optimized infrastructure, you can reduce the maintenance costs associated with legacy systems while generating higher levels of efficiency.
  • By moving toward cloud-native application design, you can create future stability for your products and go to market faster with a focus on creating innovative and differentiated customer experiences.
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Gain actionable insights

  • Make valuable information accessible faster, across your organization.
  • We’ll provide the diverse skills necessary — including those of developers, administrators, and cloud and data analytics architects — so you can focus on putting your data to work.
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Store data more affordably

  • Store and manage increasing amounts of production-related data, while only paying for what you use.
  • Scale up or down to meet demand to prevent wasteful over-provisioning and lower your costs.
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Be available at all times, with little-to-no latency.

  • With private cloud, you can gain greater control and performance of a single-tenant environment along with the agility and efficiency of the public cloud.
  • Your compute, storage and networking components are dedicated to your business needs, providing enhanced security and customization.
  • Connect your dedicated environment to the public cloud of your choice to create a true hybrid cloud with multi-cloud flexibility.
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Improve efficiency with automation and optimization

  • With our DevOps tools and guidance, plus a range of enterprise application solutions, we’ll help you streamline operations so you can focus on developing more products — and selling them.
  • If you need help putting your workloads where they’ll run best, turn to our Professional Services team. We can help put you on the right path.
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Support your global operations

  • Cloud-based technologies help distributed organizations communicate and collaborate with their employees, as well as with suppliers and distributors.
  • If your company operates globally — or plans to — you’ll also want to ensure your infrastructure will support global operations and offer secure network connections between providers.
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