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Fast-track your IoT and edge initiatives

Tap into full lifecycle IoT capabilities to bring your solutions to life in months, not years.

The adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) continues to fuel innovation across industry segments. As connected devices provide new opportunities to enable organizations to increase efficiency, gain competitive advantages and open new revenue streams, the difference between the innovators and the followers often comes down to who can bring a solution to market first. Whether it's an end-user facing product or a solution to improve operational efficiencies, we can help you bring solutions to life in weeks, not years. The experts at Rackspace Technology™ work with you from prototype to production, applying our collection of hardware, cloud platform, application and analytics accelerators to fast track the development of your IoT solutions.


You can’t do Internet of Things without the Thing. Rackspace Technology combines the power of the cloud with the hardware engineering expertise required to successfully complete your IoT solution.

  • Reference designs to accelerate prototypes, with a clear pathway to production
  • Custom hardware and firmware development including sensor integration form factor design, power optimization and edge integration
  • End-to-end go-to-market expertise for all phases — from prototype to manufacturing

Cloud Platform & Applications

Build world-class, event-driven applications to securely ingest, store and manage your IoT data as well as command and control your devices

  • Full-stack application development including UI/UX, for your mobile and web companion applications
  • Cloud native platforms that scale to meet demand and handles connectivity, ingestion, security, OTA updates and device management, all built on battletested architectures
  • Expertise in developing software in complicated regulatory landscapes, ensuring data collection and sovereignty requirements are met.


Actionable business intelligence from your fleet of connected devices, delivered in real-time and enhanced by machine learning.

  • Intelligent storage, processing and analysis pipelines for IoT data, reducing time-to-insight
  • Advanced modeling and predictive analytics, powered by machine learning, uncovering hidden insights
  • Automatic device and payload metrics to monitor the health and utilization of your fleet
IoT custom board

Use Cases

Create new products, experiences and services

As IoT is embraced across industries, the difference between innovators and followers often comes down to who can bring their solutions to market first — and the competition is intense. Accelerate your smart product development by leveraging our expertise in custom hardware, firmware, cloud native platforms and application development. From concept to deployment, we’ll work alongside your teams to bring your smart products to life in months, not years.

  • Consumer Products: From connected thermostats to connected litter boxes, companies across all industries are tapping into new consumer segments with smart products and companion applications.
  • Commercial Products: Add new lines of business by adopting the SaaS model, build commercial solutions for work force safety, cargo tracking, site modeling and occupancy monitoring.
  • Healthcare & Life sciences: with the rise of e-medicine and remote care, we’ve enabled companies to enhance healthcare and meet strict regulatory requirements like HIPAA, GDPR & GxP with connected medical devices and digital therapeutics,
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Automate monitoring and responding to changes in your business environment

Improve operational efficiency of your business by accelerating response rates and reducing the need for manual inputs. Gain insight on your operations and control multiple environments remotely through our Industrial IoT solutions.

  • Connected Factory : Capture telemetry and performance data from equipment and workstations in order to view operational health of the factory floor and respond in real-time  to equipment failures and fault codes 
  • Asset tracking:  improve logistics with real-time tracking of all of your assets, both within your facilities and across the world.
  • Predictive analytics: prevent production losses by analyzing historical data to develop machine learning models for predictive maintenance
  • Remote monitoring: Single pane of glass to view operational health and receive real-time notifications of anomalous events
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Drive higher quality, real time predictions

  • Harness untapped data.  Add data sources from the physical world- environmental factors, asset locations, asset state- to drive business outcomes.
  • Apply intelligence to your IoT data. By adding data stores, you can leverage historical and external data to build machine learning workflows to predict failures or forecast resourcing.
  • Derive business intelligence from various sources through transformed and filtered data, accessible in real-time and historical data stores.
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Modernize your IoT platform with cloud native technologies to take advantage of modern architectures, enabling you to: automatically scale with demand, release new features quickly, increase operational efficiency and reduce complexity. We’ll design a platform to support existing devices as well as providing a flexible foundation for new device versions and product lines.

  • Improve device provisioning, management, monitoring and Over the Air (OTA) update capabilities.
  • Increase scalability and reliability while reducing operational complexity and costs
  • Enhance smart applications with real-time data processing and reporting as well as support new features like smart home integrations.
  • Fast track production readiness by leveraging Rackspace Technology IoT Cloud Accelerator as the foundational architecture which solves the undifferentiated problems associated with common patterns in implementation around data ingestion, storage, and monitoring of IoT devices.
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Recognized as a Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader

2020 Magic Quadrant Leader for Public Cloud Infrastructure Professional and Managed Services, Worldwide

This is the fourth consecutive year that Rackspace Technology has been named a Leader by Gartner. Gartner’s assessment is performed by the firm’s IT industry analysts and evaluates service providers based on the completeness of their vision and their ability to execute.

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