What Are Next-Gen Cloud Services?

A New Kind of Cloud Partner For Today’s Evolving Cloud

As cloud adoption accelerates and public clouds continue to change at a break-neck pace, cloud management needs continue to evolve. Traditional managed service providers are often unable to keep pace with services, support and expertise across leading cloud platforms and struggle to stay ahead of changing customer needs.

Enter Next Gen Cloud service providers, who are evolving cloud services to go beyond traditional cloud services such as cloud migration and day-to-day operational support. This new wave of cloud service providers partner closely with customers to support the entire cloud lifecycle and accelerate adoption of advanced cloud technologies to realize the full benefits of today’s modern cloud.

In this 5 part video series, James Staten, VP and Chief Analyst of CIO Research with Forrester and Prashanth Chandrasekar, SVP of Managed Public Clouds at Rackspace, discuss the emergence of Next Gen Cloud service providers including how Next Gen providers differ from traditional cloud partners and how organizations are utilizing them today:

Navigating the Second Phase of Cloud Adoption

Understanding the Second Phase of Cloud Adoption, including multi-Cloud and the shift from IaaS to PaaS.

  • Cloud adoption trends and enterprise momentum
  • The proliferation of multi-cloud strategies
  • Thinking beyond Infrastructure-as-a-Service
  • Growing adoption of advanced cloud services

How Next Gen Cloud Services Partners Help to Drive Digital Transformation

Leveraging advanced cloud services to meet customer requirements and tackling multi-cloud strategies.

  • Using high value PaaS services to meet growing customer requirements
  • The importance of understanding varying cloud platform capabilities
  • A real-world mobile case study: Using the cloud to save lives

Why Choose a Next Gen MSP?

Leveraging Next Gen MSPs to build internal cloud skills and the importance of cloud neutrality.

  • Solving for multi-cloud expertise, tooling and governance
  • Building enterprise cloud skills through Next Gen MSPs
  • First Generation vs. Next Generation MSPs: what you need to know
  • Why cloud neutrality is critical when selecting an MSP

Why Opinion Matters in a Multi-Cloud World

Why opinionated guidance and deep understanding of cloud service capabilities are critical when choosing a public cloud.

  • Leveraging a cloud services partner to assess multiple cloud platforms
  • Why cloud objectivity but opinionated guidance is critical
  • The importance of certified expertise and direct relationships across clouds

Customer Value - A True North for Digital Transformation

How smart organizations utilize customer value to guide digital transformation and how Next Gen MSPs are helping them to manage digital disruption.

  • Why no two digital transformation journeys are the same
  • Viewing competitive digital disruption through a customer lens
  • How organizational change and cloud skills can determine cloud success
  • How the enterprise is using Next Gen MSPs to accelerate transformation

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