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Week of December 9, 2018
Seattle, WA
December 11 - 13, 2018

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s flagship conference gathers adopters and technologists from leading open source and cloud native communities in Seattle, WA from December 10-13, 2018. Join Kubernetes, Prometheus, OpenTracing, Fluentd, gRPC, containerd, rkt, CNI, Envoy, Jaeger, Notary, TUF, Vitess, CoreDNS, NATS, Linkerd and Helm as the community gathers for four days to further the education and advancement of cloud native computing.

Rackspace recently launched Rackspace Kubernetes-as-a-Service (RKaaS), a multi-cloud Kubernetes solution managed by Rackspace and certified by the CNCF. We are also increasing our involvement and contribution to the community, as a newly-announced CNCF member and Certified Kubernetes Service Provider. Containers and Kubernetes are a critical piece of nearly all enterprise digital transformation strategies, and we look forward to seeing you in Seattle!

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