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Charting our course for a sustainable future

Learn about our commitment to eco-efficiency and innovation in the 2023 Environmental, Social and Governance Report

Our commitment to corporate sustainability

Since our inception, Rackspace Technology has built a rich history focused on sustainability. Our latest Environmental, Social and Governance Report goes into great detail about all that we’re doing to build and promote a sustainable future.

This report highlights our recent creation of a new role within senior leadership of President of Technology and Sustainability. It also shines light on recent industry recognition we’ve received for our efforts to promote sustainability and conserve resources.

Download your copy of the 2023 Environmental, Social and Governance Report: Working Together to Build a Bright, Sustainable Future.

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Executing a sustainability strategy built on minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency

Our sustainability strategy is built on our commitment to giving more than we take from our planet. One way we bring this commitment to life is through the adoption of renewable energy and adherence to conservation practices across all our facilities.

Our dedication to sustainability extends beyond our immediate operations. We also place a strong focus on the development and delivery of innovative solutions that minimize waste and promote efficiency for our customers. By developing and offering customer solutions that emphasize efficiency, we advance our own sustainability goals while leading the way in the delivery of innovative, eco-friendly technologies.

Click here to read our UK Carbon Reduction Plan (CRP).

Incorporating sustainability into partner agreements

Environmental sustainability is central to our agreements with external partners. We strive to engage with suppliers who adhere to stringent standards against the use of conflict minerals, and who embrace full lifecycle sustainability in their products and services.

We actively seek to ensure that each link in our supply chain embodies our commitment to sustainability. This means selecting suppliers who strive to minimize environmental impacts while upholding strong social and governance standards.

Sustainability agreements

Sustainability in action

Over the course of 2023, we were proud of the recognition bestowed upon us by our industry peers. Recent accolades include:

  • Being named the AWS North America Sustainability Partner of the Year
  • Receiving recognition at the ESGBusiness Awards
  • Recognition of Srini Koushik, our President of Technology and Sustainability, by SustainableIT.org
  • Receiving the VMware 2023 Lifecycle Services Award for the Americas region
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Our transition to a new facility for our San Antonio headquarters will result in a reduced carbon footprint.

  • We expect to see a reduction of 6,007 tons of Scope 1 and Scope 2 CO2 emissions.
  • This will contribute to a 5% overall reduction in CO2 emission, based on 2022 data.
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We have a lengthy track record of maintaining a focus on sustainability with two industry leaders: Dell Technologies and VMware.

  • By outfitting over 40 global data centers with Dell hardware, we have helped to lower energy demands and operating costs for customers.
  • Our collaboration with VMware helps customers leverage next-generation cloud technologies in conjunction with VMware solutions.

Reporting on our progress

Our 2023 Environmental Social and Governance Report

See how Rackspace Technology is committed to environmental sustainability and operates with ethics and integrity.

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