Cloud Adoption Expertise for the Public Sector

Securely Innovate Mission Critical Solutions in the Cloud

Leverage the same cloud technologies that power the Fortune 100, in a secure platform, with the additional security controls and governance that support your mission. With Rackspace public sector solutions, you benefit from automation, security and multicloud adoption expertise across Rackspace Government Cloud, a secure and FedRAMP-authorized Platform-as-a-Service on your choice of public (AWS), private cloud (VMware) or hybrid Infrastructure-as-a-Service.

All compute, storage, network, and VMs are configured, hardened, and managed per FedRAMP Moderate requirements designed to support government cloud workloads. All provisioning, hardening, encryption, administration, backups, monitoring, and alerting is managed 24x7 by our US operations teams.

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Strengthen Security

Our inheritable security controls help ensure the cloud solutions you deliver meet high security standards.

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Optimize IT Costs

Rackspace helps you plan your cloud strategy and optimize costs through increased scalability and resilience.

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Foster Innovation

Enable your resources to focus on developing cutting-edge applications and perform proof-of-concept exercises without the complexities of managing your cloud journey. Provide a foundation for future innovation.

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Transform Legacy Apps

Transition to a scalable and secure cloud platform that enables to increase agility and transform your legacy apps and workloads — on your choice of AWS or VMware® Infrastructure-as-a-Service. Our Government Cloud FedRAMP authorized Platform-as-a-Service helps you continuously meet, manage and document security requirements, so you can focus on delivering cloud-based innovation.

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Extend Capabilities

Add data protection and recovery capabilities to existing facilities to improve operational resilience. With Rackspace solutions, you can manage growth and deliver new applications and services built for the cloud.

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Streamlined Path to Fully Managed FedRAMP ATO

Are you a cloud solutions provider seeking to achieve and maintain FedRAMP Authorization to Operate (ATO) faster and at lower cost? In addition to our compliant multicloud adoption expertise and industry recognized manage cloud services, we offer Rackspace Inheritable Security Controls (RISC) Platform-as-a-Service. With RISC, you can achieve fully managed, continuous FedRAMP Authorization to Operate (ATO) in a fraction of the time it usually takes — with monthly operational cost savings of up to 70%, compared to the cost of hiring hourly consultants and implementing received advice on your own.

Take an accelerated path to FedRAMP ATO on Rackspace Government Cloud, through our three-step, streamlined enablement process. At the conclusion of the process, your solution will be immediately available for consumption to government customers as a FedRAMP-authorized managed cloud offering in the FedRAMP online marketplace.

1. Taller

2. Evaluación de deficiencias

3. Ambiente del FedRAMP

  • Aprendizaje virtual en vivo de medio día
  • Proceso del FedRAMP
  • Evaluación de deficiencias
  • Resolución de deficiencias
  • Preparado, en proceso, autorizado por FedRAMP
  • Monitoreo continuo
  • Principales trampas y cómo abordarlas
  • Inscríbase: Taller
  • Rackspace Inheritable Security Controls (RISC)
  • 25 controles de seguridad "más allá del SO" de ruta crítica
  • Se requiere una resolución corporativa para obtener la ATO
  • Compromiso firme con precio fijo
  • Ambiente de SaaS preparado/en proceso de FedRAMP, que aprovecha Rackspace Inheritable Security Controls
  • Conjunto de pruebas y plan de seguridad del sistema impulsados por Xacta®
  • Experiencia en auditoría, compliance y seguridad totalmente administrada
Costo: $999 Costo: US$10,0000 Costo: sujeto a la solución
(Las tarifas del taller y de la evaluación de deficiencias se acreditan en la cuenta con un contrato de un año)
Hoja de ruta de compliance del FedRAMP personalizada
Plan de resolución y deficiencias del FedRAMP
Ambiente SaaS preparado/en proceso de FedRAMP

We’re Your Trusted Government Solutions Partner, from Gap Assessment Through Fully Managed FedRAMP ATO

Accelerated Time to Market

RISC streamlines your path to FedRAMP Authority to Operate (ATO), often in as little as four months (3x faster than average)— so your cloud based solution is available to government agencies on a FedRAMP authorized cloud Platform-As-A-Service, with inheritable required security controls, faster than on your own.

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Multicloud Adoption and FedRAMP Compliance Expertise

Rackspace powers over 50 public sector solutions, leveraged by more than half of Cabinet-level agencies. And we’re a trusted partner across AWS® , VMware®, Red Hat®,Microsoft® and Google Cloud Platform™, with deep expertise in managing complex and secure cloud environments. Through Rackspace Government Cloud on your choice of AWS, VMware or hybrid, we deliver a scalable, full-lifecycle portfolio of managed tools and services across applications, data, security, compliance and infrastructure.

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Fully Managed Cloud Services

Deliver the same cloud-enabled innovations the private sector relies on, within a secure, FedRAMP-authorized Platform-as-a-Service.

  • Vulnerability scanning to assess risk exposure
  • Penetration testing
  • Security hardening and engineering support
  • Security monitoring, optimization and engineering services
  • 3PAO audit support
  • Continuous security requirements monitoring and documentation
Security - Monitoring

Reconocido como líder del Cuadrante Mágico de Gartner

Somos líderes en el Cuadrante Mágico de Gartner para la categoría Servicios profesionales y administrados para infraestructura de nube pública en todo el mundo en 2020.

Rackspace Technology brinda asesoramiento objetivo a empresas de todo el mundo con respecto a las soluciones de nube administrada. Además de la asistencia para la migración y los servicios de administración de infraestructura en la nube, ofrecemos servicios administrados de nube múltiple, servicios profesionales y servicios para aplicaciones administradas para que logre la verdadera transformación digital.

Más información

As a founding member of Cloud Security Alliance, Rackspace is clearly committed to our shared mission of promoting best practices for cloud security. Extending this commitment to the government with their aggressive approach to FedRAMP is a welcome addition for this industry.

Katie Lewin

Federal Director, Cloud Security Alliance


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