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Explore Professional Services for Your DevOps Environment

Transform Your DevOps and Application Architecture

  • We audit your application architecture and software delivery processes to provide a holistic, well-documented view of your current state.
  • Learning about your systems and strategic goals in detail gives our expert consultants a unique perspective, enabling them to tailor solutions to your specific needs
How Do You Accelerate DevOps?

Organizations want to deliver quality application features faster and more efficiently while modernizing their architectures — but getting there can be difficult. Our DevOps Accelerator is designed to help you establish a clear path to your goals.

Deliver Applications Faster and With Greater Agility

  • Our platform- and technology-agnostic service can help you provision instances on cloud or virtualization platforms like OpenStack, AWS, VMware® and Microsoft®.
  • Our experts will guide you through application configuration management, using tools like Chef, Puppet, SaltStack®, Ansible and DSC.
  • Get up to speed on flows that can create automatic generation and deployment of a verified application binary, using tools like Jenkins, TeamCity, Bamboo®, and Octopus Deploy.
Expertise for Your Clouds

Get Access To Experienced Engineers Who Can Provide Ongoing Maintenance 

  • Flexible resource models to help you scale up when you need additional engineer expertise.
  • DevOps engineers and architects available to assist you with maintenance and changes to your application environments.
Support for the eCommerce and Retail Industry

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