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Protect Your Networks, Applications, Endpoints, and Users 

  • Vulnerability Scanning to find the vulnerabilities in your system using a combination of automated and manual tools.
  • Network Penetration Test to gain unauthorized access to your systems using a combination of automated and manual tools.
  • Web Application Penetration Test to gain unauthorized access to
    your web application or to the underlying operating system.
  • Remediation Scan Tests for previously identified vulnerabilities to ensure that they have been appropriately addressed.
Rackspace Managed Security

Reduce the Strain of Cloud Projects, We Manage Every Step of Your Project 

  • We offer access to experts who manage complex change in the cloud every day and we are here to help you scale up and down as your business needs.
  • Our certified project managers have years of experience managing highly technical change in the cloud, with flexible commercial models to fit your business needs and an outcomes driven approach that will deliver you appropriate business benefit.
  • We use proven PM frameworks, tailored for complex cloud projects, our project managers track, review and manage your project's progress, to deliver real insight. 
  • Our end-to-end experience in the cloud means your team will have the insight and foresight to maximize the productivity of the whole team, and because our project managers are fully integrated with your Fanatical Support ® team, a seamless integration will provide your project with the velocity it needs, without the waste.
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