Cut Through Technical Debt for Growth and Success

Modernize Your Approach to Applications and Automation

Your technology investments should power your business momentum. But over time, technology landscapes can become full of tangled processes and technical relationships — creating a major inhibitor to growth.

Using the Rackspace Process First. Technology Second.® methodology, you can adopt a modern approach to applications, automation and architecture. Our team will work with you to drive efficiency and support continuous delivery and innovation — so you can realize value from your technology investments and initiatives as you rapidly evolve.

Our Approach to Modernizing Business Processes and Applications and What it Means to You

Team Momentum
Reduce the time and cost uncertainty of modernization programs, while also reducing the risk of service interruption — to keep your team moving forward.
Reduced Time to Value
We’ll help you close the value gap between legacy and modern environments, cut through technical debt and benefit more quickly from your investments.
Increased Agility
By moving toward a cloud-native way of working, you create future stability for your products and can go to market faster.
Clear Priorities
We’ll prioritize your modernization initiatives along a custom journey, so you can mature your capabilities as part of a structured benefits realization program.
Reusable, Observable Practices
Let our team embed a software-led approach to integrating business, operations and development, so you get practices that prioritize reusability and observability.

Realize the Full Benefits of Modernization

Application Modernization

Forward-looking organizations understand the real promise of application modernization: delivering differentiated business value. By transforming the application environment, you gain greater efficiency, agility, scalability and interoperability.

Building on 20+ years of cloud expertise, Rackspace helps transform your business processes and rationalize, develop, implement and integrate applications so you can make the most of today’s digital technologies.

Business Process Transformation

Our experts refine and develop processes aligned to your business goals — reducing time to value, enhancing your capabilities and maximizing your effectiveness.

Application Portfolio Rationalization

Business growth often leads to a tangled web of old and new applications. We help you make sense of your application landscape and define a roadmap (replace, retire, modernize or consolidate) designed to help you increase interoperability, extend application lifecycles, gain efficiencies and reduce costs.

Custom Application Development

For many businesses, critical applications were designed and developed some time ago by colleagues who have since moved on, making modernization risky and time consuming. Rackspace developers will help you update, customize, migrate and integrate your custom applications, extending their lifespan and reducing the maintenance burden.

System Implementation and Integration

Proportionally, investing in new application technologies is heaviest at the front end, as you integrate the technology into your existing environments. Our system experts help you quickly adopt and connect new modules to the rest of your existing infrastructure, on any platform, giving you a faster return on your new investment.

Continuous Delivery with DevOps

Continuously improving business capabilities is fundamental to growth and competitive advantage. By adopting a software-led, automated approach to integrating business, operations and development, you gain the ability to iterate and evolve sustainably and, more importantly, at pace.

Rackspace consulting and engineering experts will work with you to design, implement and accelerate your adoption of strong engineering practices — ones that prioritize the reusability of software assets and the observability of running systems.

Our engagements typically include system and toolset profiling, automation maturity analysis and application delivery pipeline design, addressing the following:

Agile Operations

Modern cloud platforms are API-driven and composable — characteristics that deliver the most benefit to businesses with a software-led approach to cloud operations. Managing the entire lifecycle of operational software assets is a critical part of modernizing and maturing your business approach to cloud. Our experts work with customers to embed best-practice approaches to software-defined infrastructure and containerization.

Continuous Delivery

Businesses are under constant pressure to deliver value to market faster and more reliably than ever before. This is almost impossible without automated application delivery pipelines and processes with efficient, streamlined methods for pushing application change in production. We work with customers to understand how change is delivered today, and help them create a vision of the future. We help you transform performance, building CI/CD pipelines for applications across all public cloud platforms and Rackspace-supported private clouds.


As businesses move towards more distributed systems and microservices, the concept of traditional individual system “ownership” and understanding becomes unsustainable. In order to manage this complexity, businesses are harnessing a new breed of tools to audit, monitor, trace and gain visibility into systems. Rackspace helps customers integrate with modern observability platforms, including Prometheus for Kubernetes, as well as transform the applications to supply the right data for tracing purposes.

Container Services

Transitioning to a modern application framework is a complex undertaking. Rackspace experts help you customize your container adoption journey to support your digital transformation objectives. Compromised of both professional and managed services, we help you adopt the right tools for the right jobs and champion the benefits of a modern application framework throughout the business. You’ll receive advanced guidance and support through any combination of engagements without squandering dollars on unneeded services.

“Rackspace has done a very good job helping us change the traditional delivery process, taking steps out of the provisioning process.”



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