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Customer Stories: Coinstar


Our Customer

Coinstar is one of the world’s largest fully automated networks of self-service kiosks for converting change into cash, e-giftcards or charitable donations.

The Obstacles They Faced

Separate IT services from its parent company and transition to a more modern, scalable managed environment while achieving cost savings.

What We Achieved Together

By leveraging Rackspace’s unique IT-as-a- Service model, Coinstar reduced IT spend by 40% and restructured its IT delivery approach, reduced application support burdens and successfully managed a largescale migration.

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How We Helped


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Infrastructure, Managed Cloud, Managed Hosting, Managed Hybrid Cloud, Managed Private Cloud, Migration, Productivity and Collaboration, Rackspace Colocation, Virtualization


Dedicated Servers, RackConnect Global, Rackspace Private Cloud powered by VMware, SAP ERP, VMware

"The Rackspace management approach brokered a lot of flexibility and increased availability of staff augmentation for me."


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