Enterprise Storage Solutions for Evolving Storage Needs

Generic File Store

Get streamlined data access and file sharing across your heterogeneous environment. Since it’s IP based, you can avoid the extra infrastructure spend and configuration time.

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Hypervisor Data Stores

Our NAS solutions are great for setting up hypervisors, with easy configuration, setup and scalability.

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Get a Scalable, Customizable Solution

Support Multiple Protocols

Our NAS solution provides both file and block level access (CIFS, NFS, iSCSI etc.)

NAS Offerings

Dedicated NAS High-capacity Dedicated NAS
NetApp Data ONTAP offers flexible, robust file-level and block-level storage in a single environment that works across all NetApp platforms. Powerful, simple and reliable storage for file-level data sets larger than 70TB.
Data Sets From 5TB to over 2PB From 70TB to over multiple PB
Access Block-level Hadoop-level
Connection load balancing
Non-disruptive load balancing
Encryption NSE SED
Unified (multi-protocol)
PCI-based acceleration
Hybrid aggregates
Solid-state media

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