Managed Backup Protects Critical Data

Use Cases

Mission-Critical Data Backups

Loss of critical databases that house customer information or financial transaction data can have a catastrophic financial impact on your business — up to and including a complete shutdown.

Since there is no one-size-fits-all approach to data protection, we work with you to customize the right backup option for your needs.

Security & Data at Rackspace

Compliance & Business Continuity Support

Address the compliance and continuity requirements of customers and auditors. We offer several standard retention offerings with customizable solutions.

We can also encrypt your data and keep it close for fast recovery, or move it off-site to assist with meeting compliance and continuity objectives.

Security Racker

Backup Strategy for Virtual Machines

VM sprawl and the associated management complexity are creating new challenges for businesses. Rackspace Managed Backup solves this by using snapshot agents for backup.

Or, we can customize individual agent-based backups if you prefer backups by agents for specific VMs.

Rackspace Managed Security
"Having Rackspace with us means we have a trusted advisor there that can help you any time: that says a lot. It’s important for our organization."

Nestor Martinez

Principal, Global Application Managed Services, The Hackett Group

Managed Backup Features

Why Use Rackspace Managed Backup Services

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