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Webinar - Is Your Data a Liability?

Join our virtual roundtable of experts as they discuss how can you make sure that your data can be trusted and how to structure and plan an effective data management program.

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Accelerate Digital Transformation with Rackspace Data Services

Are legacy data environments and limited resources creating roadblocks to achieving your business objectives?

Whether your business is trying to improve IT cost efficiency, deploy new technology faster, easily access business insights from data or build new products and customer experiences with predictive modeling, our data experts are here to help.

We customize a solution by assessing your current goals, challenges and technology environment and support it with the best-fit people, process and technology to deliver continuous innovation.

Rackspace Technology Can Help

Assess & Design

We host a discovery workshop to fully understand your business, then our data architects design a best-fit solution.

Transform & Build

Our data engineers and data scientists can build out the solution you need, from POC or protype to a full production environment.

Manage & Optimize

Customer data engineers and DBAs will help monitor and manage alerts, backups and security for continuous availability and optimal performance.

"IT departments must match the use case to the broad array of database options.  Rackspace can help organizations deploy, scale, and secure new data-driven applications, drawing upon deep expertise of popular open-source databases and enterprise-grade managed services like ObjectRocket for MongoDB."

Melanie Posey

Research VP, IDC

Portfolio of End-to-End Rackspace Data Services

How We Can Help

Discovery Workshop

Rackspace Technology data architects will conduct an on-site workshop to understand your business objectives, challenges and technology environment.

Additional topics for the workshop may include:

  • Learn how businesses in your segment are leveraging databases, data analytics and AI today
  • Introduce core analytics, big data and machine learning concepts
  • Review best practices and ideate solutions for high-priority use cases
  • Determine if a proof-of-concept or prototype could accelerate the journey
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Architecture Assessment & Strategy

Based on the ideation session and your business goals, Rackspace Technology will:

  • Prioritize use cases according to business needs and solution complexity
  • Assess your current data platform
  • Define a high-level reference architecture and solidify business use cases
  • Conduct an initial long-range planning (LRP) session to define the implementation roadmap
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Rackspace Technology will work with you to transform how your data is used, based on where you are in your journey.

  • Proof-of-concept on a sample of data to demonstrate the value of data analytics to your business
  • Prototype or minimum viable product (MVP) to leverage data analytics in practice
  • Full production solution, including data infrastructure, data modeling, schema development, data ingestion and data processing to automate business workflows and enable consumers with easy access to the data
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Data Science

Rackspace Technology will help you accelerate the value you get out of your data by using leading cloud native and open source deep learning and machine learning frameworks to gain actionable intelligence from your data.

  • Data preparation and modeling for machine learning workloads
  • Full end-to-end machine learning solution including feature engineering, model building and training to deployment leveraging our Data Science Workbench
  • Accelerate and scale machine learning operations with our proven ML Model Factory framework
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Managed Services

Rackspace Technology offers DBA Services, Database-as-a-Service, DataOps and MLOps to help ensure that your database or data platform remain healthy and performant.

  • 24x7x365 monitoring and alert management
  • Backups, restoration and recovery
  • Security best practices with user management
  • Access to our experts when you need them (advanced troubleshooting, long-term planning, best practices consultation)
  • Performance analysis and optimization recommendations
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