Access Expert Guidance and Support for All Major Database Solutions

Simplify Your Business Operations with Rackspace Managed Database Services

Overwhelmed by the variety of database and deployment options available to handle different workloads? Experience what it’s like to have big data experts at your side.

Whether you’ve encountered a new business challenge, are facing growing pains due to limitations of your current data solution, or need help getting started, our database experts are here to help.

We’ll match your business objectives to the best database solution by:

  • Assessing your business requirements
  • Architecting your database solution
  • Hosting it on a platform optimized for performance and scalability

We offer support for all industry-leading database solutions, along with customizable deployment options and service levels. And it’s all backed 24x7x365 by Fanatical Support®.

Rackspace Can Help

Any Database

Choose the best database for each workload. We’ll manage it for you, whether it’s Relational, NoSQL, Big Data or SAP Hana®.

Any Deployment

Select the best infrastructure for the job and get the performance you need. Deploy your database on bare metal, dedicated hardware or your preferred private or public cloud.

Any Service Level

Choose the level of service you need to complement your IT resources and fit your budget — from self-service options to fully managed solutions.

"IT departments must match the use case to the broad array of database options.  Rackspace can help organizations deploy, scale, and secure new data-driven applications, drawing upon deep expertise of popular open-source databases and enterprise-grade managed services like ObjectRocket for MongoDB."

Melanie Posey

Research VP, IDC

How We Can Help

New Implementations

Our database experts can provide guidance on everything from database design and implementation to optimization, including:

  • Schema design and tuning
  • Monitoring, maintenance and backups
  • Patching, cloning and troubleshooting

We’ll also help you discover efficiencies within your business and use your database resources more effectively.

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Custom Solutions

Our certified experts can host and customize your database solution by working with you to:

  • Assess your business requirements and design schema
  • Identify ways to optimize your solution for performance and scalability
  • Create a strategic roadmap for implementation and migration 

We’re always available to share our expertise and assist your efforts in getting the most value from your database.

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Patches and Upgrades

Let us apply fixes and performance upgrades for your database solution. We’ll make sure everything continues to work as intended, enabling your IT team to focus on higher-value activities and more strategic initiatives.

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Technology and Applications

Learn how Rackspace supports and hosts data services technologies.

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