• Private Equity Partnerships

Drive value, improve costs, and transform experiences across your portfolio with end-to-end cloud expertise.

From cutting costs up to 40%, to facilitating scalability, to transforming products and services, Rackspace Technology can help your entire portfolio thrive in the cloud.

Unparalleled expertise to guide your portfolio to thrive in the cloud

Rackspace Technology helps Private Equity firms increase valuation across their portfolio by optimizing IT operations, reducing costs and accelerating transformation. From Professional Services, to Managed Cloud and Application Services Management, Rackspace Technology provides end-to-end technology-agnostic solutions that meet your portfolio companies where they are on their journey to cloud.​

Benefit from preferred pricing models on Rackspace engagements while your portfolio companies leverage our deep strategic partnerships for top-tier support across all leading cloud providers. With a named Executive Relationship Manager, PE Alliance Executive Sponsor, and assigned Strategic Client Executives, we act as an extension of your team.​

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Tailor-made services for private equity.​

Due Diligence

Identify near-term and long-term opportunities with fixed-cost ‘t-shirt sized’ assessments and offerings.​

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Drive efficient adoption of cloud technology. Realize tangible cost benefits and differentiation by modernizing across multi-cloud, applications, data, and security.​

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FinOps & Cloud Optimization

Establish a foundation of disciplined cloud cost operations and improve consumption spend while optimizing performance.​

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ESG & Sustainable IT

Attract socially responsible investors, mitigate risk, and align your investments with sustainable and ethical practices. ​​

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Generative AI

Harness the power of this generation-defining technology across your portfolio to improve costs and fuel innovation.

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A dedicated team that knows your portfolio, always

Dedicated resources

  • From senior leadership to engineers, we’ll have the right resources on-hand to help your portfolio companies get the most out of their cloud.

Account management

  • Our reliable account team will help ensure that your portfolio companies’ cloud journeys stay on track and deliver value.

Quarterly planning sessions

  • Our experts will help you identify the biggest opportunities for cloud savings and optimization across your portfolio.
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Decades of expertise matched with thousands of experts

Expert guidance so you can maximize the benefits of modern cloud.

3,200+ certified technical experts
10,000+ total technical certifications
25 years of managed services delivery