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Run Your Production Systems The Way Google Does

Jump-start Your Team’s Adoption of Site Reliability Engineering & CRE Best Practices

With our Customer Reliability Engineering (CRE) workshops, you’ll discover how to address tradeoffs between performance, site reliability and cost, and solve key application issues to improve critical website reliability.

These site reliability workshops are ideal for businesses that generate revenue from web traffic, have critical safety and compliance requirements or need to scale quickly while maintaining server availability.

High Availability

Keep your site viable during optimum revenue generation periods, such as major launches, seasonal traffic spikes and times of high growth.

Proactive Optimization

Discover SRE processes that can improve your business-level objectives — and avoid the “learn through mistakes” approach as you develop and scale your devops systems.

Certified Expertise

Google developed the CRE framework and trains our team in the methodologies used for the world’s most reliable apps, including Gmail, YouTube and Google Maps.
"The pairing of Rackspace’s strong service culture with Google’s CRE practice is an important step forward in providing enterprise-ready customer support capabilities on GCP."

Michelle Bailey

Chief Research Officer, 451 Research

Select Your CRE Workshop

Foundational Workshop

Learn the Google CRE/SRE framework, review definitions and examples of SLAs, SLIs and SLOs and explore real-world examples of how site reliability engineering provides value to an organization.

Intermediate Workshop

Discover why a well-defined and measured service-level objective is crucial to the SRE approach, see how key configuration management tools are used to guide business priorities, and understand how to plan and create custom objectives.

Advanced Workshop

Receive an in-depth review of your organization’s specific SLIs and SLOs, with recommended implementation assistance for engineering, architecting, securing, monitoring and more.

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