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We’re here to deliver proactive support and always-on expertise so you can get maximum benefit from your investment in Google Cloud.

As Google Cloud's first managed services partner (MSP), Rackspace Technology helps organizations of all sizes get the most out of their investment in Google Cloud. We have over 25 years of managed services experience and a track record of receiving recognition from Google Cloud. Our dedicated sales and delivery teams tackle cloud complexities so our customers can focus on pushing the boundaries of what's possible for their business.

We help you get the most out of your investment in Google Cloud by:

  • Planning, architecting and operating projects at scale
  • Leveraging our 500+ Google Cloud technical certifications
  • Delivering high-quality cloud computing expertise and end-to-end support 24x7x365
  • Providing unparalleled Google Cloud operational support while deploying Rackspace Elastic Engineering to cost-effectively modernize your cloud environment
  • Fostering application modernization, new product innovation and advanced technology adoption

Discover the limitless possibilities of your Google Cloud data by partnering with FAIR. 

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Execute a fit-for-purpose migration of application workloads by lifting, shifting and optimizing VM-based workloads to Google Cloud.

  • Access continued support along your cloud journey.
  • Landing Zone: Deliver a fully functional, secure and optimized foundation for your first workload in Google Cloud.
  • Discover: Automated application discovery utilizing Stratozone.
  • Migration planning
  • Lift and shift VMs and applications utilizing Migration Center
  • Pipeline-driven Migrations utilizing Cloud Build to add modern automation to your application deployments.

Explore Rackspace Professional Services  

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Secure your business with Google Cloud's enterprise-grade environment. Our experts craft your cloud journey, empower teams, and ignite innovation with pre-built solutions, minimizing complexity, risk, and time to results.

  • Architecture Design: gain access to a team of experts to help you discover a solution design for your cloud computing needs
  • Infrastructure Landing Zone build-out
    • Infrastructure-as-code to automate building landing zones.
  • Network Setup & Configuration: Get expert help building secure access controls and firewalls for your systems.
  • Cloud Provisioning
    • Utilizing CI/CD and Infrastructure-as-code to automate building out Compute Engine Servers and Kubernetes
  • Security Design and Implementation
    • Security Design and implantation based on platform and industry standards utilizing items such as IAM, Organization Policies, Cloud KMS, Monitoring.
  • Identity & Access Management configuration
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery (DR)
Rackspace Modern Cloud Infrastructure Diagram

Run applications across any IT infrastructure with cloud-native modernization for superior scalability, performance and reliability.

  • Cloud Application Discovery & Requirements: Our team of business analysts and architects work to understand your business goals and visions and translate those into actionable requirements and user stories.
  • UI/UX: Our experienced UI/UX team will translate requirements into an immersive, intuitive and modern user interface.
  • Cloud Application Architecture & Software Development: With user stories and user interface designs as their guide, our solutions architects and software engineers will work to iteratively design and build your applications.
  • Cloud Application Automation & Deployment: Our cloud engineers automate managing infrastructure and deploying applications, turning software updates from major events to daily occurrences.

Read more on application development in this customer success story. Click here.

Rackspace Application Development Process

Collaborate on-demand with a team of Google Cloud experts to manage your environment — regardless of cloud maturity — and accelerate your journey through the cloud.

  • Always-on managed support: Allows you to focus internal resources on core business activities and accelerate your journey through the cloud with the peace of mind that your environment is fully managed.​
  • On-demand cloud expertise: Gain the benefits of public cloud without having to incur the challenge and expense of self-managing it.​
  • Access to expertise: Immediate access to technical expertise and capacity to manage cloud infrastructure, tools and applications.​
  • Cloud resiliency: Leverage cloud native and Rackspace Technology proprietary tooling to remove manual intervention and increase resiliency.​
  • Innovate with cloud services: Take advantage of the latest cloud features and capabilities to solve challenging business problems.
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Work side-by-side with a pod of on-demand experts who deliver cloud-first solutions.

  • Cloud Migration Services: Elevate workloads in the cloud
  • Applications: Complete build, release and go-live support
  • Infrastructure build-out services: Get infrastructure-as-code templates
  • Security: Guidance and architecture based on platform best practices and industry standards
  • DevOps services: CI/CD pipelines and automated deployments
  • Backup and disaster recovery (DR) planning: Expert DR environment implementation and testing
  • Performance management for load testing and optimization.
  • Cost optimization: Tagging, billing review, usage and RIs.

Explore Rackspace Elastic Engineering

Rackspace Elastic Engineering Pod - Cloud Engineers, lead Cloud Architect, Engagement Manager, Cloud Architect and Senior Cloud Engineers

FAIR for Google Cloud is a global practice dedicated to accelerating the responsible adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions across industries, leveraging the cutting-edge technology of Google Cloud.

Our team of certified Google Cloud experts will work closely with you to design, migrate, fortify, operate and optimize your Google Cloud data environment so you can leverage the power of modern solutions like generative AI. Realize the value of data-driven insights and decision-making — and its potential to help you innovate and drive your business into your desired vision of the future.

Discover the limitless possibilities of your Google Cloud data by partnering with FAIR. 

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Accelerated Migration to Google Cloud — Powered by Rackspace Technology

Get the best of both worlds: Google Cloud’s performance capabilities with the migration expertise of Rackspace Technology.

“Rackspace Technology was instrumental in our cloud migration. With upwards of 45 applications to migrate into Google Cloud — many of them heavily dependent on each other — we were able to proceed with a well-defined and refined migration process.”
Dave Wimbush, Service Delivery Director, BMG See the Case Study

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Our Expertise

Explore our expert credentials and industry recognition.

25 Years of Hosting Experience
500 Google Cloud Platform Experts
3 Google Cloud Specializations
21 Google Cloud Expertise Designations

A trusted partnership

We established our partnership with Google Cloud in 2017, making us one of the first Managed Service Providers for Google Cloud.

  • Artificial Intelligence - Vertex AI
  • Google Cloud ML & ML APIs
  • Smart Analytics - Data Warehouse Modernization
  • Smart Analytics - Asset tracking
  • Google Cloud Analytics
  • Google Cloud Databases
  • Data Management - Enterprise Databases Migration
  • Data Management - MySQL/postgre SQL migration
  • Open Source Technology
  • Security - Identity & device management
  • Supply Chain & Logistics
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Financial Services
  • Industrial Goods & Manufacturing
  • App Modernization - Custom-built app migration
  • App Modernization - Modernize Legacy Applications
  • App Modernization - Cloud Native Application Development
  • Infrastructure Modernization - VM Migration
  • Infrastructure Modernization - SAP on Google Cloud
  • Partner Technology - SAP

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