Young Hollywood transforms video content management with Google Cloud

This pioneering entertainment network achieves 10x faster video processing and improved data accessibility, enabling new monetization and distribution opportunities.

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Migrate, optimize costs, enable innovation and leverage AI for optimal search results and performance.

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Our customer

Founded in 2007, Young Hollywood is a leading celebrity and lifestyle network for millennials, producing and distributing original programming, operating digital platforms, and licensing its trademark internationally while amassing a library of over 10,000 hours of content.

“I founded Young Hollywood to create a haven where celebrities could be themselves and share a different side of their personalities,” said R.J. Williams, CEO and Founder of Young Hollywood.

"Partnering with Rackspace Technology provides us with unbeatable 24x7x365 support and peace of mind."
R.J. Williams, CEO and Co-Founder, Young Hollywood

The obstacles they faced

Young Hollywood recognized the need to increase flexibility, agility and the ability to expand into innovative new technologies. To achieve these goals, the company decided to move to the cloud and sought a partner to help migrate, optimize costs and enable innovation.

Previously, Young Hollywood relied on servers in the Rackspace Technology® data center. The company had a positive experience with Rackspace Technology support, and returned to Rackspace to help with expansion to Google Cloud. Young Hollywood identified the benefits of Google Cloud for growth, expansion and adoption of innovative technologies, especially in the field of AI. The company aimed to leverage AI for business growth, particularly for celebrity recognition in videos, and to scale video processing while overcoming API limits.

Williams believes AI is the next frontier and emphasizes that Young Hollywood is placing a significant focus on it, with exciting developments in the pipeline.

"One thing I learned with Young Hollywood early on is to focus on what you do well and rely on experts for areas outside your core competency,"  said Williams. "Partnering with Rackspace Technology provides us with unbeatable 24x7x365 support and peace of mind."

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"Google Cloud and Rackspace Technology provide us with a toolkit of exciting features, enabling us to take our content to the next level."

R.J. Williams, CEO and Co-Founder, Young Hollywood
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How we helped

Rackspace Technology guided Young Hollywood through a multi-stage solution journey on Google Cloud, building a secure landing zone for data migration and application testing.

The Rackspace team synchronized data from on-premise servers, Rackspace servers and a third-party video hosting site to Google Cloud Storage™. Leveraging Google Cloud Vision AI™ celebrity recognition features, the team enabled testing and potential customization of AI capabilities.

The collaboration successfully set up the necessary infrastructure, loaded third-party metadata and video assets, and processed the videos using Google Cloud Video Intelligence API™.

This empowered Young Hollywood to access rich data regarding its video content, including specific information that appears in each video, making information easily searchable for users.

"Google Cloud and Rackspace Technology provide us with a toolkit of exciting features, enabling us to take our content to the next level,” said Williams.

Video processing capacity increased tenfold, from 10 to over 100 videos per hour.

What we achieved together

Through the collaboration, Young Hollywood successfully migrated to Google Cloud, enabling innovative media experiences through Vision AI's celebrity recognition and customizable AI solutions. Key achievements include:

  • Migrated 5,092 video files to Google Cloud Storage™, with Google Cloud Video Intelligence output files readily available for efficient search results
  • Accelerated video processing by 10x, from 10 videos per hour to more than 100
  • Made rich video intelligence data accessible across 5,000+ video assets
  • Streamlined information retrieval through output files, facilitating basic queries regarding text, celebrities and brands
  • Loaded third-party metadata into Google BigQuery™, enabling comprehensive data analysis

By adopting cutting-edge tools to optimize data management and improve processing for effective AI utilization, Young Hollywood now possesses powerful tools to leverage its extensive video content effectively.

Rackspace Technology continues to collaborate with Young Hollywood, exploring ways to enhance search functionalities and identify possible monetization and distribution strategies for video clips. Young Hollywood remains committed to using AI responsibly in celebrity interviews, maintaining the trust they have built over the years.

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