Why migrate to Google Cloud? Learn why more companies are making the move.

Infographic: Why Migrate to Google Cloud with Rackspace Technology Support


An ever-expanding number of companies are migrating to multicloud to gain the benefits of cost savings, increased agility and big data insights. Rackspace Technology® is the migration partner of choice for many organizations around the world. We help them accelerate the move and handle the intensive day-to-day operation of applications in the cloud, so you can stay focused on your organization’s core business demands.

Get our infographic to see why more companies are choosing Rackspace Technology to deliver the migration services they need to modernize and optimize their IT operations in the cloud. You’ll learn:

  • Three leading reasons companies are migrating to Google Cloud
  • How to plan and prepare before your migration
  • What to consider when migrating applications and data

See what you can gain when you let Rackspace Technology handle your Google Cloud migration.


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