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Public Cloud Service Blocks

No two cloud journeys are the same. Along the way, your needs change as you reach different stages of cloud adoption. So you need solutions that meet you where you are.

With Rackspace Service Blocks, you can select the specific services you need, at each stage of your cloud journey. Our certified cloud experts help you to select, combine, add or change Service Blocks to create your own customized solution — addressing your unique cloud needs and maximizing value.

Limited availability. Available for new enterprise customers only.

Solutions That Meet You Where You Are


As your cloud needs grow or shift over time, you can add, change and customize Service Blocks to meet your changing requirements.


Service Blocks address your specific cloud needs and can be combined to build customized cloud solutions.

Maximized Value

Reduce cloud management costs by focusing exclusively on the outcomes most critical to your business.

Build Your Public Cloud Solution with Service Blocks

Cloud Foundation

Cloud management tools with 24x7x365 ticketed access to Rackspace cloud experts for AWS, Microsoft® Azure® and Google Cloud Platform.

Complex Cloud Operations

Access to advanced technical resources, including solution architects, lead engineers, Kubernetes experts and DevOps experts to optimize your public cloud.

Architect and Deploy

Certified cloud architects design, build and deploy your cloud infrastructure to meet your specific requirements, leveraging cloud architecture best practices.

Cost Governance

Deep insight into your public cloud costs to help you better understand and manage cloud spend. Available for AWS.

Manage and Operate

24x7x365 operational support from an army of certified cloud specialists, plus enhanced tooling and automation.

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