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Serviços profissionais para AWS

O Fanatical Support para AWS oferece serviços profissionais extras para ajudá-lo a fazer a migração e a conhecer seu ambiente AWS. Seja para aprender os fundamentos do AWS ou para otimizar sua arquitetura atual, procurando reduzir os custos e melhorar o desempenho na utilização, nossos especialistas certificados podem orientá-lo.

Cloud Migrations

Migrating your application portfolio is a critical first step to set you up for success with AWS. Rackspace, alongside a range of partners, will manage your migration to best match your business requirements now and in the future.

The Fanatical Support for AWS Migration Services involves discovery, planning, testing, data and configuration migration, and is fully project managed by Rackspace from start to finish. As part of our Fanatical Support Migration Service, you can expect fluid guidance and collaboration across the entire AWS migration journey:


  • End-to-end project management and program governance
  • AWS migration discovery and design
  • Migration quality assurance


  • Environment build-out
  • Migration execution and orchestration
  • Data synchronization


  • Ensuring smooth migration into our managed service
  • Validation against success criteria
  • Ongoing support of the AWS platform

Learn more about Rackspace Migration Services on AWS

Architecture Strategy & Guidance

Fanatical Support for AWS offers an array of workshops and are designed to help you understand and leverage AWS most effectively for your business needs. We provide advice based on best practices and experience on AWS. These services are available for both Aviator and Navigator customers.

Workshops include:

  • AWS Jumpstart Workshop: Covers AWS essentials based on your business' experience and requirements.
  • AWS Architecture, Security & Compliance Workshop: Helps you understand the AWS Shared Responsibility model at a tactical level. We provide a deep dive into the AWS security model, and explore how AWS Services may help fortify application and network security.
  • AWS Health-Check Workshop: We review your existing architectural designs and plans for your future planned VPC environment on AWS Services. We help you identify gaps (if any) in your current design.
  • AWS Solution Design Services: We conduct a workshop with you about AWS Architecture Plan and Design.

Download the AWS Architecture Services white paper

Cloud Automation & DevOps

Rackspace, an AWS DevOps Competency and Premier Consulting partner, offers flexible services and tooling to build and deploy resilient cloud applications at scale. We help companies rapidly and reliably build and deliver products using AWS and DevOps best practices.

These services include:

  • Infrastructure Automation: We will help automate your entire cloud infrastructure utilizing a DevOps approach and AWS best practices.
  • Application Deployment: We will use best practices to ensure your AWS environment is well architected, and help automate the deployment of your applications utilizing AWS native services.
  • Continuous Integration and Delivery: We will help you reduce time-consuming tasks and human error by helping implement your application development and deployments using the CI/CD model on AWS.
  • 3rd Party Configuration Management: Support for 3rd party tools (e.g, Chef, Ansible, SaltStack, DSC)
  • Building of Docker containers
  • CI/CD pipelines for Docker containers to ECS or third-party services
  • Advisory services around how to best build and manage containers across environments, manage secrets, services discovery

Download the AWS Cloud Automation white paper

Os serviços profissionais aumentam a capacidade da sua AWS

Managed Services

  • Gerenciamento de contas
  • Auditoria e monitoramento
  • Ferramentas da Rackspace
  • Acesso à nossa vasta gama de recursos

Serviços profissionais

  • Migrações
  • Estratégia e orientação sobre arquitetura
  • Automação da nuvem e DevOps
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