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Continual Evolution of Your AWS Architecture by AWS Experts

Optimize AWS for Maximum ROI

Optimizing the performance and cost of your AWS environment involves regularly analyzing your infrastructure and usage. It also requires continually assessing your users’ needs — and how new AWS features and services can help meet them as they evolve.

Very few organizations have the in-house resources required to thoroughly examine an AWS environment and accurately identify opportunities to optimize it. That’s where our experts can step in.

We’ve helped hundreds of customers evolve their architecture to optimize AWS for efficiency. We’ll apply our experience and best practices to help ensure you receive maximum value from your AWS investment — whether that involves adopting new AWS features that could benefit your business or updating your solution based on your usage.

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Here's What You Get

​Cost optimization to derive maximum value from your AWS application portfolio

Monthly performance reviews to investigate improvements and recommend newly released technology

Recommendations based on best practices and reporting data

Here's How We Do It

We analyze the performance and efficiency of your AWS environment and provide monthly reviews and recommendations regarding your configuration.

We examine data from AWS Trusted Advisor, Compass™ and Waypoint™, along with:

  • The root causes of alerts
  • The use of reserved instances
  • Potential performance improvements

We then provide a monthly review that includes recommendations regarding:

  • Cost-optimization opportunities
  • Security and governance updates
  • The status of your AWS environment

We also review open support tickets, so you’ll be aware of any issues and how they may impact you.

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