Software development and application modernisation on AWS

Software Development and Application Modernisation on AWS

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Thinking of leveraging AWS to build new applications, modernising existing apps for a cloud-native world, or driving business transformation? Already running applications in AWS, but don’t feel in control? Or just wondering how to approach Application Modernisation on AWS? If you’re lacking the in-house expertise or time to address these questions you’re not alone – but you’ve come to right place for the answers.

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Thursday 13 June 2019, 9am - 12pm

Find out first hand how SaaS Provider Inovtra approached their IT transformation journey and achieved the ability to scale rapidly.

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What are the benefits of using AWS?

Be faster to market

Competitive pressures mean you need to evolve products and new features faster and reduce time-to-market. With unique capabilities enabled by automating deployments and the breath of developer toolsets, you can respond to customer needs and innovate more quickly.

Lower your costs

Deploying applications on AWS costs significantly less than deploying on-premise – plus, you benefit from autoscaling for peaks and the ability to test in the cloud. And because application services and new feature releases can be automated, you save even more.

Improve security
& compliance

AWS offers the highest standards in industry compliance such as PCI and HIPAA, plus it provides an expansive toolset of security products. Complemented by a Shared Responsibility Model, Rackspace can guide you on how to implement them.

Expand your
addressable market

You can deploy applications across the globe easily, thanks to the extensive geographic reach of AWS. And when it comes to showcasing your software the global presence of AWS Marketplace opens the door to many new geographical markets.

“The Rackspace onboarding and architecture team provided detailed advice on which cloud-native services to use when building out our cloud platform, while taking into consideration our unique requirements.”

Paul Zimmerman | COO, Invotra

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Your steps for adopting AWS

Business Foundations

Thinking about starting your journey to AWS? First, you’ll need to build your business case and create the right operating model.

Cloud Enablement

Whether you’ve started the journey to the cloud or already operating in AWS, we’ll design and build the right AWS environment for your application. Depending on your needs, we can support Proof of Concept, Migration and DevOps automation and launch your applications on the AWS Marketplace.

Application Modernisation

Rackspace’s Application Modernisation services lend our expertise to your cloud transformation by rearchitecting, rebuilding or rehosting your business applications.

Manage & Optimise

With a new roadmap in place, now it’s time to make sure everything keeps running smoothly: respond quickly to operational requirements, manage incidents efficiently, complete new deployment builds and manage changes with less effort.

Governance & Compliance

We will ensure you have the right cost and security controls in place to implement the right governance structures. We can review existing applications using the AWS Well-Architected Framework – to ensure they are resilient, safe, secure, well-built and well-optimised.

Rackspace enables a cloud-based delivery model

Risk reduction and improved governance

  • Migration services to govern and execute AWS transitions
  • Implement principles of the Well-Architected Framework and Shared Responsibility Model
  • Templates for the deployment of customer applications

Expanding addressable market

  • DevOps enablement implements automation and increases agility
  • Help customers get into the AWS marketplace
  • Templating services enable global or regional expansion

Increase customer convenience

  • 24/7 managed services frees customers to focus on their own business
  • Rackspace Managed Security provides proactive detection and response services
  • Industry leading governance tooling ensures best practices are maintained

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