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How do you unlock the full potential of the cloud?

Traditional approaches to cloud adoption focused on infrastructure and application migration, with very little attention to the underlying code. And while the cloud has always delivered the benefits of elasticity and scale, it can’t unleash its full potential until the code in your applications has been updated. Modern applications, built with cloud native technologies and modern architectures, allow you to access the full potential of the cloud, while increasing agility and helping you to accelerate innovation.

Rackspace Technology and AWS

Why are businesses embracing modern applications?

Our clients see the long-term value of transitioning to cloud native across various use cases while leveraging our AWS expertise to help improve scalability, reliability and cost-efficiency.

Eliminate pricey Windows licenses by leveraging container and serverless technologies in your legacy applications.

  • .NET Refactor: refactor legacy .NET applications to the latest version of .NET Core/5 to enable opportunities to run your code in Linux environments, containers and even serverless without requiring your teams to learn completely unfamiliar languages and runtimes.
  • Container adoption: break-up monoliths into microservices and leverage cloud-native container services, to provide a consistent environment from development through production.
  • Serverless deployments: build self-healing, auto-scaling applications, unchained from the limitation of servers. Serverless architectures offer the highest efficiency and cost benefits of the cloud while pushing nearly all infrastructure and software management to the platform.
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Organize applications into logical services that can be developed, scaled and deployed independently while giving service teams the freedom to choose the appropriate technologies for their needs.

  • Our team of experts can accelerate your effort to break up your existing monoliths by applying proven techniques to incrementally refactor your application without requiring years of investment or stopping new feature development.
  • Microservices are organized around business and technological capabilities and allow you to create teams centered on specific services. This approach helps you to rapidly adjust in response to fluctuating business demand, without interrupting core activities.
  • Smaller and faster deployments: Each service can be scaled independently as needed, instead of scaling the entire application which can lead to cost savings.
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Refactor legacy desktop, on-premises and single tenant applications to be delivered in a web and mobile SaaS model, for anywhere access while improving the product and reducing operating costs and complexity.

  • Enhance user experience with modern web interfaces for web and mobile applications, accessible from anywhere. 
  • Remain competitive with a scalable, modular architecture, that allows you to update and add features quickly without impacting the entire application
  • Transition to recurring revenue models by enabling subscription billing respective of customers’ usage including time-based billing and tiered billing based on resource consumption or product feature set.
  • Reduce operational complexity and cost with shared resources through secure multitenant platforms that eliminate the need of managing tenant specific deployments
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Real-time, event-driven applications, designed for processing data at cloud scale.

  • Build companion applications and cloud native IoT platforms to handle use cases from real-time analytics and visualizations, to device command and control, to smart home integrations
  • Power on-demand video streaming and ecommerce applications with serverless infrastructures that scale resources based on demand and reduce operational overhead with a pay-as-you-go model
  • Innovate and bring products to market quickly by freeing up time for your teams to focus on developing and improving the software that differentiates your business, instead of managing the underlying infrastructure
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Identifying the right application approach for your business

Join us for a virtual discussion with technology experts to learn how to accelerate your journey to modern applications leveraging cloud native technologies.

Many companies are taking steps toward modernizing their applications but are blocked by the complexity of public cloud technologies and modern architectures as well as the new processes and development workflows that come with them. Join us for a webinar on how Rackspace Technology can help you overcome these challenges and discuss the various modernization paths you can take.

Discover your ideal path to modern applications

Our architects will assess your applications and infrastructure in context of your business goals and your team’s strengths to determine which combination of cloud technologies and architectural patterns will best fit your long-term roadmap.

Modernize your existing application with serverless refactoring and containers

Get the benefits of cloud native with an incremental approach to modernization. Refactor and containerize legacy applications to maximize cloud benefits.

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Build a new application using the latest cloud native technologies and architectures

Build net-new, modern, cloud native applications using end-to-end software development services that leverage serverless, microservice architectures and modern operations.

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Not sure where to get started?

We’ve developed new paths to get you to cloud native. Wherever you are on your journey, our AWS experts can help you take the next steps with confidence through services that range from assessment and advisory to enablement and modernization at scale. You can count on Rackspace Technology to deliver the ideal combination of strategic consulting, engineering and operations expertise required to elevate your business.

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