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Managed Infrastructure

We offer a variety of hosting options for your Oracle databases and applications, so you can choose the solution that meets your business requirements for a scalable infrastructure:

Our managed hosting services include servers, operating systems, storage, backups, networking and security.

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Managed Applications

Our capabilities extend beyond infrastructure to the Oracle applications you use every day. Leverage our expertise to manage — and provide on-going support for — your Oracle databases and applications.

We’ll help you by:

  • Offering guidance around database management best practices, such as code migration and backups
  • Implementing and supporting features and functionality
  • Answering questions, troubleshooting and resolving issues

Our managed application services for Oracle include functional support for business processes, customization, consulting and database administration.

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Custom Database Solutions

Our certified experts can host and customize your Oracle database solution by working with you to:

  • Assess your needs and design schema
  • Identify ways to optimize your solution for performance
  • Create a strategic plan for implementation and migration

We’re always available to share our expertise and assist your efforts in getting the most value from your Oracle investment.

Expertise for Your Clouds

New Implementations

Our Oracle database experts can provide guidance on everything from database design and implementation to optimization, including:

  • Schema design and tuning
  • Monitoring, maintenance and backups
  • Patching, cloning and troubleshooting

We’ll also help you streamline workflow processes, so you can discover efficiencies within your business and use your resources more effectively.

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Patches and Upgrades

Offload development tasks related to applying patches and performing upgrades for your Oracle database solution. We’ll make sure everything continues to work afterwards, enabling your IT team to focus on higher-value activities and more strategic initiatives.

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