Fanatical Support for AWS

Cost Savings & Optimization

The need to reduce costs is likely influencing your move to the cloud. We can analyze your AWS configuration regularly, looking for ways to save you money and improve performance as your needs change.


Moving to AWS can be intimidating and overwhelming for those without experience. We can use our proven methods to help reduce interruption and risk as you take this critical first step into the cloud.


Finding and retaining in-house AWS expertise is a challenge. We have 800+ AWS technical certifications and our solution architects will design AWS based on your business needs.

Security, Governance & Compliance

Security, governance and compliance are top concerns. We deliver a powerful combination of certified experts and management tools to help secure your environment and data for compliance.

“We have regular contact with the AWS experts at Rackspace, who proactively keep us up to date on all the major products and services from the provider. Not only do the Rackspace team keep us informed on all things AWS, but it’s a two-way conversation about our road map to ensure that we choose the right tools and services for each project.” 



The Fanatical Support for AWS Control Panel is the starting point for users of Fanatical Support for AWS.

Within our control panel, users can add AWS accounts to their AWS environment. Users can then access these accounts with specific per-account IAM permissions without having to create users within each account individually

Passport solves for both network connectivity and authentication into your environment.

Passport manages the provisioning of short-lived, access-limited, fully-audited bastion servers within your AWS account’s VPC that can either be used directly or as a jump host for direct connectivity to other EC2 instances in the same VPC.

Watchman is the system responsible for receiving AWS CloudWatch alarms and creating tickets on your Rackspace account.

CloudWatch provides a wide variety of metrics that cover the entire suite of AWS services - from CPU utilization and disk I/O on EC2 instances to network throughput of your ELB load balancers.

Customers using our Aviator service level can have a Racker respond to unexpected deviations in metrics via Watchman rather than having to use internal resources to monitor the health of their AWS environments.

Logbook provides a timeline-based view of all of these activities across all of your AWS accounts within Fanatical Support for AWS.

AWS and Rackspace generate detailed control plane logs for all activities taking place in your Fanatical Support for AWS account(s). This data is aggregated from a number of different sources: AWS CloudTrail, Fanatical Support for AWS shared management system and user interfaces, and view control panel logins and other actions (such as creating a new AWS account or modifying user permissions).

Compass provides direction for managing your AWS environments across a number of dimensions including automated best practice checks, cost optimization, security and inventory management, and utilization reporting. Following Compass recommendations will help you optimize AWS on a continual basis.

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