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Increase AWS Security and Reduce Spend with Advanced Features

Compass — Expanded Capabilities for Comprehensive AWS Management

Fanatical Support for AWS is expanding Compass to include functionality for advanced cost, inventory, security, and utilization management. Compass additionally includes more than 350 best practice checks that provide you with actionable recommendations to reduce spend, improve security, and more. Compass is available for all Navigator and Aviator accounts at no additional cost.

Cost Management

The Compass cost feature gives your finance, engineering and management teams the visibility, predictability and accountability they need into all of your cloud costs and usage. Gain clarity around your spending and usage across AWS services including EC2, S3, RDS, Elasticache, CloudFront, RedShift, DynamoDB, Glacier, etc. and get detailed Reserved Instance purchasing recommendations.

Security & Compliance

The Compass security feature unites AWS CloudTrail, Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and AWS Config log intelligence, AWS permission & access monitoring, perimeter assessments, change monitoring and 100+ best practice checks for security and configuration vulnerabilities.

AWS Utilization

The Compass utilization feature provides both summary and detailed CPU, Network, and usage data for EC2, RDS, ElastiCache, DynamoDB, and their associated services. This delivers the clarity needed to effectively manage your complex AWS environment, enables your team to efficiently identify and address areas of concern and makes you dramatically more operationally efficient.

AWS Inventory

The Compass inventory feature provides a snapshot of all your assets, resources, services, and instances and keeps an audit trail in case it is needed. With simple drill-down inspections you can quickly identify running and unused instances, estimated costs, average CPU usage and much more.

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