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Harness the power of AWS for your data with expertise to design, build, and manage your modern data platform with Rackspace Technology.

Our certified AWS experts will work with you to architect, migrate, secure, operate and optimize your AWS data environment so you’re empowered with the insights to make data-driven decisions that propel your business forward.

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Leverage a team of AWS certified experts to help you modernize your databases with minimal risk and disruption. 

Rackspace Services include:

  • Assessment with recommended custom migration solution aligned to your business goals and timeline.
  • "Lift and Shift" from on-prem or private cloud environments to AWS.
  • "Move to Managed" by migrating Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, and PostgreSQL databases to fully managed Amazon RDS.
  • "Break Free" from commercial and proprietary databases with database transformations to Amazon Aurora.
  • Cloud DBOps services are available for continued support, management, and optimization.
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Empower your team to gain deeper insights from your data by embedding interactive dashboards into your application with Amazon QuickSight.

Rackspace Services include: 

  • Data & analytics workshop to understand current state and ideate future state 
  • Data warehouse and data lake MVPs to accelerate time to insights 
  • Interactive dashboards and reports aligned to business and stakeholder needs 
  • Powerful and customized insights, predictions and forecasting driven by built-in and customized machine learning models
  • Documentation and training to drive adoption and self-service BI 
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Significantly increase performance, lower costs, and accelerate innovation by migrating your on-premise or cloud data warehouse to Amazon Redshift.

Rackspace Services include:

  • Assess existing data sources and environment and provide executive report, migration planning and implementation roadmap.
  • Design and build an enterprise grade Modern Analytics platform.
  • Develop pipelines to ingest, transform and store data.
  • Define and create data models, schemas, data translations, and consumption pattern best practices.
  • Interactive dashboards with real-time data refreshes and automate operational and business reporting.
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Improve and streamline your ETL pipelines by leveraging modern serverless integration and scalable architectures with Amazon Glue. Leverage a team of AWS certified experts to help you fast track data modernization in your organization, optimize costs through serverless platforms and build consistent data processing pipelines and patterns.  


Rackspace Services:

  • Build a unified data catalog to easily find data across your data landscape
  • Migrate legacy ETL pipelines to improve ROI, scale, and performance of your pipelines
  • Design and build consistent data transformation patterns
  • Leverage proprietary code conversion tools to automate the migration and transformation of legacy pipelines to modern data pipelines
  • Maximize tooling driven assessments and migrations for upgrading Spark and AWS Glue workflows for improved performance to take advantage of the latest features.
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Train your data to be intelligent and actionable with Applied AI solutions that improve productivity, create new revenue streams, and transform customer experiences. ​

Rackspace Services include:

  • Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solutions for turning unstructured documentation into valuable business insights.
  • Computer Vision solutions that enable identification within images, documents ​or video data.
  • Conversational AI solutions that that offer human-like interactions between computers and humans, often in the form of chatbots or voice assistants.​
  • Forecasting & Prediction solutions that enable organizations to take preemptive action ​ with intelligent estimations around future behaviors ​and events. ​
  • Anomaly & Pattern Detection solutions involving ​the need to identify clusters of commonality or normal/anomalous distinctions.​
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Fast track operationalizing the model development lifecycle so your team can build new revenue streams, increase efficiency, and deliver incredible experiences. ​

  • Team collaboration in a standardized environment
  • Automated model deployment across environments
  • Reproducibility of models and predictions
  • Tools for diagnostics and performance monitoring
  • Model explainability for governance and regulatory compliance
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Extract the fullest capabilities of your data with operational data management that improves data quality and reduces cycle times for data analytics.

  • Create predictable delivery and change management of data, data models and related artifacts in your data landscape.
  • Gain access to a dedicated team of multi-disciplinary data modernization experts for ongoing architecture and engineering services.
  • Automate data pipeline monitoring backed by 24x7x365 response capabilities from our global Rackspace Technology DataOps team

Uses the capabilities of artificial intelligence to revolutionize and reshape your approach to discovering, presenting and producing content.

  • Knowledge management: Leverages advanced techniques to transform the way information is retrieved and understood.
  • Semantic search: Lets you transform the process of retrieving documents, images and videos to ensure precise question-and-answer accuracy.
  • Content search: Enables the rapid creation of fresh, new content to meet buyers’ individualized recommendations.
  • Code generation: Enhances the efficiency of the development lifecycle by streamlining code generation using natural-language query tools.
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Launch a modern data strategy on AWS

Unlock Actionable Insights with a Modern Data Strategy on AWS

Data can fuel smarter and more profitable business decisions across your business. But to extract actionable insight, you need to overcome challenges such as disparate data sources, unreliable pipelines and a lack of knowledge about the data and its sheer volume.

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"Onica [a Rackspace Company] is a valued partner of Blackline Safety — they have helped us navigate various challenges and prepare us for the future. With Onica onboard, we knew we had the support of infrastructure experts who understood our challenges and could help us build a solution to meet our immediate and future needs, supporting our rapid growth."
John Moura, Director, Software Development and Operations, Blackline Safety See the Case Study

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