Address Your Critical Storage Infrastructure Needs

Managed AWS Storage, from a Validated AWS Managed Service Partner

Primary Storage

Get a cost-efficient primary storage solution with Amazon EBS and S3, for highly durable, redundant storage infrastructure for mission-critical workloads. These solutions leverage file, block, object and streamed data formats that serve as an extension of your on-premises storage. Plus, stay on top of your storage with our lifecycle policies, snapshot management and cost optimization tools.

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Business Continuity

With managed AWS storage from Rackspace, you can create seamless accessibility across your cloud and on-premises environments, while minimizing the risk of data loss and minimizing recovery time. We use enterprise-class tools to automate, monitor and manage your backups and store your data in multiple regions, to help ensure business continuity for your organization.

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Disaster Recovery

Let our specialists help you develop a customized disaster recovery plan that addresses your RTO and RPO requirements. Using Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) and EBS Snapshots, you can launch applications across different geographic regions, creating a robust disaster recovery solution built on Amazon S3’s highly available, durable and secure global infrastructure.

Whether you’re looking for disaster recovery in the cloud or from your corporate data center to Amazon S3, our AWS certified experts can help design the right solution for you.

Expertise for Your Clouds


Address your enterprise governance and compliance requirements, while creating a robust archiving architecture. You can choose from Amazon Glacier for affordable, non-time sensitive cloud storage, or Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) for faster storage — so you can get the secure archiving solution that addresses your specific needs.

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“Deployment of an individual customer used to take us three to four days and now it takes us three to four hours.”



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