Keep Your AWS Secure

Keeping your application portfolio secure and compliant is a vital aspect of leveraging Amazon Web Services. While AWS is responsible for securing their cloud services, you also need to ensure that your AWS environment is configured with security in mind. This includes the way your customers’ sensitive data is handled.

Sensitive data needs to be stored securely and remain accessible to authorized personnel only. And you must be able to demonstrate this to meet industry compliance requirements, such as HIPAA and PCI-DSS. Do you have the resources in-house to be able to properly secure, monitor and manage your system?

Our certified AWS and security experts can help configure your environment to meet your security requirements. And provide tooling and automation to safeguard your data. So you — and your customers — can feel confident that your environment is stable and secure. 24x7x365.

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Key benefits of our Security Services


  • Automated status checks access policies and key usage
  • Monthly checkpoints with your TAM ensure your AWS accounts and environment are using best practices

Security Logging

  • CloudTrail logging is enabled for all AWS regions and federated across all accounts to provide a unified view of all control plane and data plane activities

AWS Infrastructure Management

  • Configuration & support for AWS site-to-site VPN
  • OS-level patching for EC2 instances and security group rule management
  • Dynamic bastion service (Passport) to provide secure access to EC2 instances

Data Encryption

  • At Rest: All databases leverage the AWS Key Management Service (KMS) for data encryption at rest.
  • In Transit: All communication between services are encrypted during transit using SSL.

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