Digital transformation on AWS increases uptime for Grupo Milenio

To ensure dependable delivery of breaking news in Mexico, this news organization modernized from a virtual environment to a reliable AWS architecture.

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Grupo Milenio needed to migrate from its virtual environment to the cloud to ensure it could support digital content during periods of breaking news and high traffic.

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Grupo Milenio is the most comprehensive news conglomerate in Mexico, offering timely information on its multiplatform, 24 hours a day. It includes the newspaper Milenio Diario, which offers a national edition and eight regional editions; Milenio Television, a national TV channel that broadcasts 24/7; the news portal; and the Milenio Radio network.

Grupo Milenio is committed to being the first to broadcast breaking news across its multiple regions and giving its audience the best, most up-to-date digital content. The organization has two main clients. The first is its internal media teams who publish content on its platforms. They required a fast, reliable and highly performant platform.

Grupo Milenio second client is the viewing audience who depend on having access to the latest news in their regions. During peak news events, such as election coverage, the media conglomerate needs to deliver fast and reliable information to its viewership.

“Our AWS solution allows us to be ready to scale at a moment’s notice, for example, to meet the demands of a 30% surge in audience traffic during the 2018 elections.”
Héctor Flores, Digital Infrastructure Manager, Grupo Milenio

The obstacles they faced

Grupo Milenio needed to migrate from its virtual environment to the cloud to ensure it could support the delivery of digital content to all its regions across Mexico during periods of breaking news and high traffic on its site. Also, the organization needed to ensure that its internal users have a fast and dependable content platform on which to publish content, especially during breaking-news events.

The biggest challenge Grupo Milenio faced before moving to the cloud was that its virtual environment did not provide a dependable platform, especially during times of high traffic surges. Too often, latency problems disrupted its news flow. The organization sought a solution that would ensure its platform is online at all times to satisfy the needs of its expanding audience.

“One of our challenges has been achieving our aggressive digital goals without increasing OPEX or the cost of services, producing the same level of service, building more applications, launching more deployments, having more systems developed for information and having more infrastructure available with few personnel — all at a much lower cost month by month and year by year. Support from Rackspace Technology is making my job easier,” said Enrique Calderón, Technology Director of Grupo Milenio in its multimedia division.

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How we helped

To achieve all its business goals, Grupo Milenio needed a reliable partner who could ensure dependable cloud data center performance. That’s why it chose Rackspace Technology. During its cloud transformation, Rackspace Technology provided Grupo Milenio with support for architecture design, build out, implementation and service configuration.

Rackspace Technology deployed a self-scaling AWS solution and several data centers for Grupo Milenio. Rackspace Technology also provides managed services for AWS to help the organization quickly resolve any issues before they can disrupt news broadcasts. For example, a content database problem with its website was slowing response times because the application was overloaded. Within minutes, a Rackspace Technology success manager was in a Zoom call with the Grupo Milenio team. A database administrator quickly found a problem with an index in the database and fixed it.

Today, Grupo Milenio provides maximum uptime to its teams and customers during all major news events, such as the 2018 elections, which experienced a 30% traffic spike. The organization also achieved its goal to be the number-one news source in Mexico based on high-quality content and dependable broadcasting thanks to Rackspace Technology cloud expertise and support.

In addition to managed services for AWS, Rackspace Technology also provides support for Grupo Milenio’s customer management system, web platform, database and native applications, including email, along with dedicated data center hosting.

“My technology challenges are expanding in a globally connected world, where digital content demands grow, security is a bigger challenge, and we must do more with less. Rackspace Technology is making my job easier.”

Enrique Calderón, Director of Technology, Grupo Milenio

What we achieved together

Thanks to its high-quality news content and dependable broadcasting services, achieved its goal of being the number-one news organization in Mexico, according to Comscore. “This is the result of a joint project involving our entire editorial team working together, including operations, business and technology,” said Enrique Calderón, Director of Technology, Grupo Milenio. “We’d had this digital transformation objective for many years and finally managed to modernize on the cloud thanks to Rackspace Technology. The response of our users has been tremendous.”

“Our AWS solution allows us to be ready to scale at a moment’s notice, for example, to meet the demands of an audience traffic surge during elections,” said Héctor Flores, Digital Infrastructure Manager, Grupo Milenio. “Our success during elections hinges on always being the first to broadcast the latest updates from Mexico’s National Electoral Institute.”

Along with delivering dependable service to its existing customers, the news network also wants to expand its audience by moving into larger Spanish-speaking markets outside of Mexico. To reach this goal, Grupo Milenio requires a more robust architecture, a greater number of services, and a qualified support team that delivers best practices for security, backups, data centers, connectivity, and the cloud.

“We have a good strategy in place to take our organization to a higher level of digital experience for our users, and we have the best support partner in Rackspace Technology,” said Calderón.“My day-to-day technology challenges are expanding in a world where we are globally connected, where there is an ever-growing demand for digital content, where security is a bigger challenge than ever, and where we must do more with less.”



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