Hands-On Expertise for Your Cloud Operations

Let Us Run Your Day-To-Day Cloud Operations For You

With proactive infrastructure monitoring, operating system maintenance and patching, application monitoring and more, our Managed Operations service level will free you from platform management and administrative tasks — so you can focus on your business.


No matter the size of your environment, we will design your architecture to scale and handle sudden spikes in web traffic or heavy application requests. We take a hands-on approach to ensure your design meets your business needs.

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Need a specific configuration for your environment? We will build and deploy your environment according to the applications and devices you need, and we can save your environment as a custom template to be redeployed at any time.

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Rest easy knowing a team of experts is working to ensure your environment is monitored, backed up and optimized for performance 24x7x365. We’ll proactively respond to monitoring alerts, no need to call us. And there is no per-server charge for Cloud Backup*, we will schedule it for you.

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What is Managed Operations?

Full access to the Rackspace Public Cloud


Virtual Cloud Servers, OnMetal Cloud Servers, Containers


Block Storage, Cloud Files, Cloud Back Ups


CDN, Cloud Networks, Firewalls, LoadBalancers, DNS, RackConnect

Big Data

Cloud Databases, Cloud Big Data, Object Rocket

Plus Hands-On Expertise

Your Managed Operations Team

Managed Operations provides you with on-demand access to the following IT resources:

Technical Account Manager

From the initial setup to product education and capacity planning, your Technical Account Manager will personally assist you in selecting the best options for your cloud.

Linux/Windows Server Admin

Our Sys Admins will set up and configure your new servers upon request, provide OS patching, and schedule your daily, weekly and monthly backups for you. As well as assist with your CALs and IP Management.

Database Admin

Whether you’re using MySQL, MS SQL or a variety of NoSQL databases, our DBAs can assist you with installing, configuring and troubleshooting your chosen database software — as well as caching services like memcached and Varnish.

Network and Security Admin

Our Network and Security Administrators will perform a security audit to review your environment, offering suggestions on environment hardening. They assist with deploying, setting up, and managing firewalls, installing SSL certs, performing patching for known security vulnerabilities.

Operations Admin

Our Operations Administrators operate behind the scenes, fine-tuning our host machines for your workloads and keeping your infrastructure online when important updates need to be installed.

Ongoing Cloud Expertise 24x7x365

Planning another launch? Or want to have your infrastructure reviewed for performance? We’re always here to offer you hands-on assistance with building and running the right cloud for your needs.

"Not only will you get the performance you need, but you’ll get advice and counseling, and a whole portion of your business just taken care of."

Dane Atkinson

CEO, SumAll

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