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Access email anywhere, at anytime, from practically any device.

With Rackspace Email, you can keep your Outlook! Our secure POP & IMAP access works with most desktop applications and practically any version of Outlook.

You'll also have unlimited access to our Email Client Setup Tool which helps take the pain out of getting up and running.

Rackspace Email works perfectly with:

  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Apple Mail
  • Mozilla Thunderbird

Take advantage of the powerful communication and collaboration features in Rackspace Webmail.

Along with an easy-to-use, familiar email interface, Rackspace Webmail also features the essential calendaring and contact features your business needs. Couple that with Fanatical Support® and our 100% Uptime Guarantee, and you have a webmail application that's tough to beat.

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You can access your Rackspace Email account via POP or IMAP on your smartphone, tablet, or mobile device, using your device's native email application.

Use your mobile phone or tablet to send and receive email from any POP or IMAP connection. Choose from 2 options:

Mobile Sync for Rackspace Webmail

Rackspace Webmail users enjoy real-time sync of email, calendars, and contacts on their iPhone®, iPad®, Android® or Windows® device. Built on Microsoft's ActiveSync protocol, our mobile sync service uses push technology to sync the following data instantly:

  • Mail and folders
  • Contacts
  • Calendar

Monthly Fee: $1.00/user

You can add Mobile Sync for Rackspace Webmail for individual users (or your entire domain) via your Email & Apps Control Panel.

Rackspace Webmail mobile site

Log into your Rackspace Email account from any smartphone or mobile device using our optimized mobile site. Access Webmail mobile at: apps.rackspace.com/mobile.

Webmail mobile gives you access to:

  • Mail and folders
  • Contacts
  • Calendar
  • Tasks
  • Notes

4+ Million Users Trust us with Hosted Email.

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