Bring Your Cloud Challenges to Rackspace::Solve New York City


Bring Your Cloud Challenges to Rackspace::Solve New York City

“Move to the cloud.”

For many companies seeking to stay ahead of disruption, increase agility, decrease time to market and keep customers engaged, moving to the public cloud is often positioned as the answer.

But public cloud is not necessarily a panacea. The reality is, for most organizations, public cloud will be a key part of your overall digital transformation strategy, but a one-size-fits-all solution doesn’t exist. Depending on your business, performance needs, economics and compliance needs, your solution could span across colocation, private cloud and multiple public clouds.

For example, colocation makes sense for traditional workloads that require custom hardware infrastructure, where refactoring for public or even private clouds may not be cost effective. Similarly, private cloud is a compelling solution for aggregating legacy applications, consolidating data centers with minimal disruption, or for specific regulatory or compliance requirements.

As the chief technology officer for enterprise at Rackspace, I speak with organizations every day about the challenges they face at various stages in their cloud journey, and how our experts can guide them through the complexities of planning, developing integrated solutions, and establishing migration strategies while keeping a close eye on security and compliance.

On May 17, I’ll be in New York City talking with IT decision-makers about how to tackle those challenges. If you’re in the region, I invite you to join me and Jarrett Raim, head of Strategy and Operations, Rackspace Managed Security for a two-hour guided discussion, followed by a networking reception at the Park Central Hotel in Midtown Manhattan.

Rackspace Solve::Connections are intimate events, offering attendees the chance to share experiences amongst themselves while receiving advice on their specific challenges and opportunities from Rackspace experts. I’ll also be talking about governance, and how to navigate your organization’s transformation by getting clear answers to question like:

  • What are we solving for?
  • How can we use a TCO model to measure the benefits of each solution?
  • Who are our key stakeholders?
  • Do we have the expertise to execute?
  • What does success look like?

Those may seem like simple questions, but getting them answered well can mean the difference between success and failure. The ugly truth is that too many transformation efforts fail because IT leaders are unable to navigate internal politics, lack the expertise to identify and migrate workloads successfully, lack the tools to measure success or don’t have the right KPIs in place, begin with unrealistic expectations or are unable to articulate success.

I am pleased Jarrett Raim will join me to discuss emerging concerns around security and compliance: what does a modern security architecture look like for the public cloud? How can organizations deal with emerging threats and increasingly-challenging compliance regimes?

Rackspace has spent the last 20 years evolving with the technology industry, and today, we’ve built the industry’s broadest portfolio of managed IT services and expertise, across the leading private clouds (VMware, OpenStack, Microsoft) and public clouds (AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Alibaba Cloud) along with managed hosting and colocation.

Our broad capabilities mean we’re not biased toward any particular platform or vendor, yet, with expertise across all leading technologies, we bring a point of view, informed by experience, about how to best serve the unique needs of any particular organization.

Take advantage of that expertise this Thurs., May 17 at our Solve::Connections event. Space is limited, so sign up today.