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Tap into Our Cloud Expertise

Clouds Become Complex. Service Levels Make Your Growth Easy to Manage.

It’s tough to build and manage websites and applications in the cloud 24x7x365. And cloud talent can be expensive and difficult to find. Instead, offload your cloud management to Rackspace. Our teams of experts can take care of your cloud, for much less than the cost of hiring that talent in-house.

We’ll take care of the heavy lifting, so you can focus on growing your business.

Service Options Matched to Your Needs

For your first 60 days, enjoy ongoing one-on-one engagement with a Technical Onboarding Manager — to help you make strategic and effective use of our products and technologies.

Managed Infrastructure Managed Operations

24x7x365 Support

Our support teams are available by phone or ticket. We're here for you when you need us most!

IT Transformation Experts

We have experts to help guide you through the Rackspace portfolio and can assist you in your IT transformation efforts

Security Guidance

Industry best practice recommendations and solutions provided as requested

Ability to Utilize Hybrid Environment

Wield the power of dedicated servers for stable or security conscious workloads and burst into the cloud when scaling or when short term resources are needed

Access to Network Security admins if utilizing a hardware firewall

Monitoring and Response (Infrastructure)

Enterprise grade monitoring solution provides system usage and health status alerts with notifications sent via text or email once alarms are configured. Default monitor checks upon build (if enabled at build screen) are bandwidth monitoring, filesystem, file system read-only state, load average, memory, and ping check. Monitor alarms must be added in order to be notified.

We will assist to configure custom alerts on demand, and respond to alarms 24x7x365


We provide you with the tools necessary to self configure, monitor, and run your backups. We can configure backups for you on demand, to run at a schedule that works best for you.

Platform Maintenance

Automated patching of supported Operating systems

On Demand Access to Admins

On demand access to Windows or Linux admins that can log into your servers for command line assistance with OS layer tasks. Please see Spheres of Support for more details on what is supported.

Database Support and Expert Assistance

We handle it for you. That includes, installing, configuring, and managing common databases. Please see Spheres of Support.

Technical Account Management Team

A Technical Account Management team that is available to ensure you are successful in your Cloud or Hybrid journey

Architecture, Deployment, & Configuration Assistance

Guidance on designing your environment based on your workload, assisting with deployment, and configuring the OS layer so your team can get straight into deploying and running your application

Support SLA

Receive a SLA credit of up to 100% of your monthly hosting fees as covered by our Service Level Agreement.


Creating a new account is free. Minimum fees only begin after you start spinning up cloud servers. We highly recommend enabling 2 factor authentication and billing threshold alerts.

Service level rate (starting at $50£31A$63€42*)

Service level rate (starting at $500£307A$625€424*)

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"Since the migration, Mazda’s sites have performed better, and the support our team is receiving is unparalleled."

Jim DiMarzio

CIO, Mazda North American Operations

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