Monitor Applications Across Your Infrastructure Stack

Solve Problems Faster With Custom Infrastructure Monitoring

Globally distributed applications need more than just basic monitoring. They need a quick and powerful way to continuously monitor the entire infrastructure stack, and a customizable level of detail that pinpoints core issues for speedy resolution.

Rackspace Monitoring is an enterprise-grade solution that helps keep your applications up and running fast—all of the time. Remote monitoring tests connectivity from regional zones deployed throughout our global data centers, and agent-based monitoring gathers information from inside each resource—so you always receive the richest information possible.



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Benefits of Cloud Monitoring

Real-Time Alerts

Low-latency architecture means you’re always the first to know when your environment needs attention—through alerts or our mobile app.

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Always On

Redundant deployment across three data centers enables Rackspace Monitoring to continue processing events and sending notifications—even if there’s an outage.

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Flexible Configurations

Customize your data collection, threshold criteria, and notification alerts so that monitoring is tailored for your workload and your organization.

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"Corporation Wiki would not be where it is today were it not for the ability to help scale, support, and maintain a high performance infrastructure from Rackspace."

Mike Prince

Founder, Corporation Wiki


Powerful Event Processing

Processes thousands of metrics a second, and executes alarm scripts as soon as there's a problem.

Comprehensive Visibility

Remote checks make sure your application is externally available, and local agents report system data from within.

Flexible Notifications

Decide who should be notified (and how) based on your organizational structure.

Simple Setup

Rackspace Monitoring is automatically configured when you sign up for Cloud Databases, Cloud Servers, or Dedicated Devices.

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