Digital innovation in oil and gas

Advancements in monitoring, inspection and safety.

From upstream to downstream, oil and gas organizations are turning to the cloud to reduce operating cost, streamline processes and drive efficiencies. And as they adopt the latest big data, IoT, AI and machine learning technologies, they’re accelerating their ability to innovate.

Imagine a future with drone-enabled safety detection, eliminating manual and time-consuming inspections. From oilfield monitoring and predictive maintenance to AI-powered exploration and production, we work closely with our oil and gas clients to empower faster decision making and reduce costs while increasing operational excellence.

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Use cases

Enhance manufacturing and industrial applications with real-time, cloud-powered intelligence services — such as AWS IoT Core and Amazon SageMaker — designed for failure risk assessment, predictive maintenance and usage optimization.

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Enhance supply chain distribution by automating processes, all while increasing the overall scalability and efficiency of your workloads.

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Gain agility and reduce costs in the AWS cloud by consolidating legacy data centers and leveraging Infrastructure as Code. This provides a secure environment that extracts data, digitizes it and makes it rapidly accessible.

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Whether it’s data lakes, visualization, analytics or machine learning, using first-class tools like Onica’s Data Science Workbench enables us to migrate large sets of data and deliver solutions quickly and efficiently in order to turn your data into a tool for innovation.

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Improve workforce safety outcomes with computer vision and active monitoring, such as triggering real-time alerts when protective gear that is not properly worn is detected.

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"It would have been difficult for us to accomplish what we wanted to do in such a short time without Onica’s expert assistance. They helped us define our vision for the Kubernetes cluster on AWS that we wanted to deliver to our customers and built exactly what we needed."

James Ruiz, Co-Founder, Q Engineering See the Case Study

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